Who Makes Pulsar Generators? – [Revealing the Truth]

The purpose of this article is to answer your questions regarding “Who Makes Pulsar Generators? Where can I buy them and what features they are offering?

Pulsar generators are being manufactured by Pulsar Products at their main headquarters located in Ontario, California. Pulsar aims to provide cheaper alternatives to the most expensive brands like Honda, Yamaha, etc.

Who Makes Pulsar Generators?

Who Makes Pulsar Generators?- Quick Overview

Made InUSA (Ontario, California)
Main Headquarter Location5721 E Santa Ana St Ste A, Ontario, California, 91761, United States
Current CEORichard Han
Address444 Highland Drive Kohler, WI United States of America
Contact EmailsFor Support ([email protected]) For General queries ([email protected])
Contact No1-866-591-8921 
No of Employees10 – 20
Main IndustryGenerators, air compressors, power tools, lawn mowers.

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What Engines Are Used in Pulsar Generators?

Pulsar uses a modern OHV (overhead Valve), air-cooled engine specially engineered for greater efficiency. Also, they have utilized high-grade non-corrosive material to ensure that the machine should last longer as compared to the competitors.

NOTE: Most of the generator experts/technicians believe that the engine of Pulsar generators is manufactured by a Chinese company called Ducar, however, there is no clear evidence.

Are Pulser Generators Made in China?

No, Pulsar machines are imagined, designed, and manufactured at Pulsar Products’ main faculty situated in Ontario, California. We also have written a detailed guide about top made-in-USA generators of 2023.

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Who Sells Pulsar Generators & Where Can I Buy Them?

Pulsar generators can be purchased both online and offline, for offline purchasing you may have to do some research and find a certified dealer, however, for online you can use the below stores.

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Are Pulser Generators Any Good?

Pulsar is one of the fastest-growing brands with thousands of satisfied customers around the globe. The motive of the pulsar is to provide efficient, durable, and modern features packed machines to their customers within a mid-range price tag.

Main Features:

Clean Power: With the latest inverter technology pulsar generator provides cleaner power with <3% of THD levels.

NOTE: Open frame heavy machines may provide 10 – 15% of THD levels or more; make sure to skim the specification of the machine before making a buying decision.

Longer Runtime: Since Pulsar has adopted the latest inverter technology with the most efficient engine, you will easily get up to 9 hours of runtime at 25% load.

My Friends 4,500-Watt Remote Start Dual-Fuel Inverter Generator provides 9 – 10 hours of runtime at 25 – 30% load.

Traveling-Friendly Design: Pulsar tries their best to make their machines lighter, compact, and traveling-friendly with a perfect mobility kit so that a user can move around them easily.

Parallel Support: Pulsar infuses the parallel support into their latest inverter machines, you can double the power by connecting them with a parallel kit, however, make sure to skim the user manual before making the connection. An incompatible connection may lead to a serious problem.

Quiet Operation: Most of the pulsar machines emit about 62 – 66 dB of noise levels depending on the load. At higher loads, you may have to compromise the noise levels.

Multiple Fuel Options with Switch & Go Technology: Pulsar also equipped their machines with dual fuel and Switch & Go technology to ensure that a customer could convert the fuel options in seconds.

Safer Operation: With CARB and EPA certifications almost all of the pulsar machines including non-inverters are proven to be safe not only for the environment but also for appliances and humans as well.

CO Sensor: Most Pulsar machines are equipped with a super sensitive CO (carbon monoxide) sensor that responds within a few seconds once the concentration of CO reaches a dangerous level.

Remote Start: Like Champion, Honda, and Westinghouse, Pulsar also adopted the wireless startup (remote start) for their latest inverter machines, now you don’t have to step out during harsh weather.

Durable: Most of the pulsar machines I own have a durable frame and engine with 100% copper winding that can last for years.

Desired Warranty and Customer Support: Pulsar offers 3 years of limited warranty backed by impressive customer support.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Pulsar Generators Last?

Like other renowned brands pulsar machines also last for around 10 – 15 years/2000 – 3000 hours depending on the maintenance and how carefully you are using it.

What Warranty Does Pulsar Offer for Its Generators?

Currently, they are offering 3 years of limited warranty.

Which Is the Best Oil for Pulsar Generators?

User manuals will be your helping hand to find the best engine oil for your pulsar machine, however, they mostly recommend SAE 10W-30 grade engine oil (Source).
You can also follow our guide about how to change the engine oil of the generator in an instant.



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