Where Are Yamaha Generators Made?-Are They Made in China?

This article aims to answer your queries about Where are Yamaha Generators made?, Are they worth the money, and what distinct features they are offering?

Yamaha Generators were previously made in Japan, However, currently, they are being manufactured in China due to the climate and economic conditions (source). In the beginning, Yamaha built their generators from the ground at their main headquarter located in Iwata, Shizuoka, Japan, however after the destructive tsunami of 2011 they shifted their business towards China and some other Asian countries as well.

Where Are Yamaha Generators Made?


Founded In1887
Made InJapan, China, And other Asian Countries
Main Headquarter Iwata, Shizuoka, Japan
FounderMr. Torakusu Yamaha
Current CEOYoshihiro Hidaka
Yamaha LocationsExplore here
Contact Emails[email protected]
Contact No1-877-316-3954
No of Employees10,001+
Main IndustryGenerators, Snow Blower, Electric Wheelchairs, Automobile Engines, Unmanned Helicopters, Motorcycles, Outboards, Personal Watercraft, Boats, Pools, Snowmobiles, eBike, Golf Cars, Surface Mounter, Industrial Machinery/Robots, Leaning Multi-wheel Vehicles.

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Where Are Yamaha Generators Made? – Brief History

Yamaha was founded by Mr. Torakusu Yamaha in 1887, initially, he used to repair reed organs, however after a short time, Mr. Torakusu built the first Yamaha reed organ. From 1887 – 1955 Yamaha built various musical instruments like upright pianos, HiFI audio players, etc.

From 1955 – 1973 Yamaha established Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., and began the production of sports, lifestyle, and marine-related vehicles like boats, skis, heavy-duty bikes, snowmobiles, eBike, Golf Cars, etc.

In 1973 Yamaha finally built their first generator called ET1200 (Source), since then Yamaha has constantly released super-efficient combustion engines and generators with affordable price tags.

In 2009 Yamaha issued a press release about releasing their first inverter generator (EF2000iS) to compete with Honda, Champion, Wen, and other renowned brands.

With more than 100 years of experience in power related industry Yamaha is Currently one of the most trusted brands with millions of satisfied customers around the globe.

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How Long Has Yamaha Been Making Generators?

Yamaha has been building generators since 1973 (about 50 years ago), their first generator was ET1200 (Source)

Is Yamaha Generator a Good Brand?

With more than 70 years of experience in the combustion engine-related industry, Yamaha generators are well known for their durability, runtime, portability, quieter operation, and cheaper price tags.

Below are some of the distinct features of a Yamaha machine.

Main Features of Yamaha Generators:

Cleaner Power: Yamaha also adopts the industry’s leading inverter technology that emits super clean power with pure sine waves. Their latest inverter models like YAMAHA EF6300ISDE, EF3000ISEB, etc. have <3% THD levels.

Decent Portability: With a super convenient mobility kit and compact design, the Yamaha machine could be your best friend for camping, tailgating, boating, etc.

Yamaha Boost Technology(YBT): YBP technology is adopted to transfer the power from the batteries to the alternator for a short time (about 10 seconds) so that you can operate a heavy-load appliance smoothly. YBT technology is super helpful if you want to operate an appliance with higher watts.

CO Sensor: Yamaha infuses a super sensitive CO Sensor that detects the dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in a closed space and sends a signal to the generator to shut off the engine immediately.

Durable and Lightweight: Since Yamaha utilizes super lightweight non-corrosive high-grade materials for their generators, you will hardly find quality issues like Rust, broken frames or windings, etc. In addition to that they have utilized 100% copper windings to ensure their engines don’t need any costly repairs down the road.

Parallel Capability:  Like Honda, Champion, and other renowned brands, the latest inverter machines of Yamaha are capable of paralleling. You can combine two compatible machines to get double power.

NOTE: Make sure to skim the user manual first, paralleling the compatible machines may lead you to a serious problem.

Longer Run Time: Yamaha utilizes super-efficient engines to ensure their gen sets provide longer runtimes like Honda and other renowned brands.

Additionally, Yamaha has adopted smart throttle technology that senses the load and keeps the RPM as per the requirements. Smart throttle technology not only saves fuel but also reduces noise levels as well.

Quiet Operation: Since Yamaha machines have perfect enclosures, silent engines, and Smart Throttle technologies, their machines emit extremely low noise levels. As per my noise tests, most of the Yamaha generators emit 60 – 60dB from 25ft at ¼ load.

Note: Noise levels are highly dependent on the load, with the increased load you will find significant increments in noise.

Centralized Control Panel: Most machines of Yamaha have a centralized control panel with 20 or 30amp outlets, essential breakers, USB ports, and LCDs to monitor the run time, power output, etc.

Lower Maintenance: Like other premium brands Yamaha machines need pretty basic maintenance like fresh intake of engine oil, new filters, spark plug cleaning/changing, etc. They hardly need tune-ups and other hectic costly repairs.

Safe: With Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) certifications Yamahas’ engines are proving to be super safe for appliances, the environment, and humans as well.

Industry’s Leading Warranty and Customer Support: Like other premium brands Yamaha provides 3 years of limited warranty backed by super quick customer support.

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Where Can I Buy Yamaha Generators?

For offline purchasing you have to do some research and find out a verified dealer of Yamaha machines, Yamaha dealer location tool would be a helping hand for you.

For online purchasing, we recommend the following stores.

Which Country Made Yamaha Generators?

Currently, Yamaha machines are being manufactured in Japan, China, and other Asian countries, however, most of the machines are being manufactured in China because of the stable economic and climate conditions.

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What Is the Best Fuel for Yamaha Generator?

The user manual will be your best friend to find the appropriate engine oil for your Yamaha machines, however, Yamalube SAE 10W-30 Engine Oil is specially blended to enhance the performance and longevity of Yamaha engines.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is Yamaha Generator Warranty

Yamaha generators come with 3 years of warranty with decent customer support.

How Many Hours Does a Yamaha Last?

It depends on the maintenance and how carefully you are using it, generally, a portable Yamaha machine should last for 10 – 15 years/2,000 – 3000 hours.

Is Yamaha American or Japanese?

Yamaha is a Japanese company whose main headquarter is in Iwata, Shizuoka, Japan.

Does Yamaha Use Chinese Parts?

Yes, from the tsunami of 2011, Yamaha built a huge facility in China to not only save the business but also expand it around the globe.

Are Yamaha Generators Made in China?

Yes, most of the Yamaha generator generators are made in China under the strict supervision of Yamaha LLC.

Is Yamaha an Australian Brand?

No, Yamaha is a Japanese brand, however, they have multiple faculties in China and other Asian countries as well.



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