Top 9 Made in China Generators of 2024 – [Reliable Brands]

It’s true that made-in-China generators cost almost half compared to European or Japanese-made generators, however finding a credible Chinese brand that lasts longer with consistent performance is pretty challenging for newbies.  

After extensive research, we have compiled a list of the top 9 made-in-China generators that not only provide decent durability and runtime but are also equipped with all the modern features that are comparable with the Japanese and European generators.

Made in China Generators

List of Top 9 Made in China Generators 2024

1. Caterpillar:

Caterpillar is an American-based brand, however, currently, most of their generators/generator’s parts like engine frames, etc. are outsourced from China to meet the exceptional demands.

Caterpillar generators are well known for their durability, efficiency, modern features, and futuristic designs.

With over 95 years of struggle, the caterpillar is now considered an industry leader with more than 500 worldwide locations that include dealers, manufacturing units, etc. In addition to that caterpillar earns an enviable reputation worldwide with millions of satisfied customers.

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2. Yamaha Generators:

Yamaha is a well-known automotive brand, however, they also have a huge inventory of portable generators that not only last longer but also provide modern features like parallel support, inverter technology, fully functional control panels, etc.

Though Yamaha was a Japanese brand, after the destructive tsunami of 2011, the company shifted its production units to China, and currently, the whole manufacturing process is being handled there.

With over 70 years of experience in combustion engines, Yamaha never disappoints its users in terms of durability, efficiency, and portability.

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3. KOHLER Generators:

KOHLER is one of the oldest leading brands in America. They mostly manufactured smart Kitchens, clean energy solutions, Diesel generators, etc. Kohler has more than 100 years of experience in the power industry with numerous satisfied buyers across the globe.

KOHLER was previously imagined and manufactured in Wisconsin, USA, however, in 2007 Kohler created a joint venture with a chines company “YinXiang” Since then their gasoline engines have been manufactured in Chongqing, China.

Though KOHLER generators are a bit expensive compared to the other brands like Westinghouse, CAT, etc., still if the durability and efficiency are your 1st priority go for the KOHLER machine.

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4. Westinghouse:

Westinghouse is in the power industry since 1886. Currently, they have a huge inventory of portable generators with remarkable modern features like multi-fuel, inverter technology, a variety of outlets, parallel supports, and super quiet durable OHV engines.

With more than 120 years of experience in the power industry, Westinghouse is not only well known for their super reliable and affordable generators but also for other power equipment like pressure washers, power stations, garden tools, etc.

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5. Cummins:

Cummins is one of the oldest and most trusted USA-based multinational brands that designs and manufactures combustion engines, filtrations, and power generators.

Though the roots of Cummins are in Elkhart, Indiana, USA, but for now most parts and engines are being outsourced from China to meet the exceptional demands (Source).

Cummins was founded in February 1919 since then they are actively releasing super reliable products that don’t only last longer but also provide the desired runtime with safer operation.

Most of the Cummins generators comply with the Standards of CARB and EPA, hence they are not only safe for the environment but also for humans and appliances.

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6. Kentpower (Fujian Kent Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd):

Fujian Kent Mechanical and Electrical Co. (Kentpower) was founded in 2005 since then they have now a leading designer and manufacturer of diesel and natural gas standby generators, portable gasoline engines, solar systems, maintenance services, etc.

Kentpower owns a huge headquarter of 100,000 square feet in Fuzhou city of Fujian province, also have more than 100 talented engineer whose aim is to build super reliable budget-friendly machines that not only last longer but also consume less fuel.

7. PowerValue (Taizhou Genour Power Machinery Co., Ltd.):

Taizhou Genour Power Machinery Co., Ltd (PowerValue) is a leading manufacturer and exporter of efficient combustion engines, gasoline generators, water pumps, concrete vibrators, diesel engines, pressure washers, etc.

The company was founded in 2003 and now has a huge headquarter of 20,000 square feet in Taizhou city of Zhejiang.

With the struggle of almost 20 years, Powervalue is now exporting its products to 60 countries with more than 20,000 annual productions.

In addition to that they have successfully earned certification from reputable environmental and quality assurance firms like EPA, CE, EMC, NOISE, GS, SONCAP, ISO9000, and ISO14000.

8. Victory Power Technology Co., Ltd:

Victory Power Technology has been in the market since 1999, they have specialized in the production, installation, design, and maintenance of generator sets for a long.  

They mainly do the maintenance, designing, and installation tasks for well-known manufacturers like Cummins, Doosan Daewoo, Quanchai, Shangcai(SDEC), Perkins, Weichai, Yuchai, etc.

Currently, they have a separate branch in Guangdong which mainly handles generator projects across China and is also responsible for international trade.

With a remarkable dedication, R&D, and development of more than 20 years, Victory Power technology now holds the certifications of ISO9000:2000, EPA< USA, CE, CIQ, CoC, etc.

9. Yfpower (Zhejiang Yaofeng Power Technology Co., Ltd):

Zhejiang Yaofeng Power Technology Co., Ltd (Yaofeng) is a well-known designer and manufacturer of general efficient combustion engines, generators, gasoline machinery, etc. established in July 2000.

Yaofeng confirms that they have adopted Japanese and American processes and technologies to make their products not only environmentally friendly but also durable enough to last at least a decade.

In addition to that, almost all of Yaofeng’s products are certified by CE, EPA, CARB, Canada CSA standard, EII emission standard, GS standard, and ISO 9001:2000

Are Chinese-Made Generators Any Good?

The quality of the generators varies from brand to brand, some of the Chinese manufacturers sell ridiculously bad quality machines that only last for about 3 -6 months, however, some brands like Cummins, Yamaha, and Westinghouse are well known for their durability, efficiency and the value for the money.

The bottom line is you have to do some research to find a Chinese-made generator that could at least last for about 7 – 10 years.

We recommend reading the reviews and consulting with the generator’s expert before selecting a made-in-China machine.

NOTE: Japanese and European generators are much better and long-lasting compared to the made-in-China machines, if you are going to put some serious load on the generator and it will be operated for a long time regularly, make sure to go for an American-made generator. Here is the list of made in USA generators

Also if you are going to buy a big machine of 20kw – 30kw, spending a bit more on a Japanese or European-made made machine would be a wise decision.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

Are Yamaha Generators Made in China?

Yes, Yamaha generators are currently made in China.

Are Westinghouse Generators Made in China?

Yes, most of the Westinghouse generators are being manufactured in China.



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