Where Are Cummins Onan Generators Made?

This article is all about revealing the secrets about “where are Cummins Onan generators made?”, Is Onan an Independent brand, and is it worth spending money on expensive Onan machines?

Onan is a subsidiary of Cummins the largest engine manufacturer with more than 100 years of experience in the power industry.

As per the official’s statement, Cummins Onan Generators are imagined, designed, and built from scratch at their main faculty located in Elkhart, Indiana, USA (Source), however, Cummins has multiple facilities in China from where they import most of the parts (Source).

Where Are Cummins Onan Generators Made?


Founded InFebruary 1919
Cummins FoundersClessie Lyle Cummins, William Glanton Irwin
Cummins Current CEOJennifer Rumsey
Cummins Revenue Recorded In 2020Cummins Revenue Recorded In 2020
Onan Founded In1920
Onan FounderMr. David W. Onan
Onan Is a Subsidiary OfCummins (acquired in 1986)
Main Headquarter Cummins Columbus, Indiana
Main Headquarters of CraftsmanNorthern Fort Worth, Texas
Cummins LocationsExplore all locations/headquarters
ContactCummins Customer Assitance
Main IndustryPortable Generators, Standby Generators, Integrated Power systems, Micro Grids, Transfer Switches, Power stations, etc.

Where Are Cummins Onan Generators Made? – A Brief History Of Cummins

Cummins was founded by a mechanic Clessie Lyle Cummins and a banker William Glanton Irwin in February 1919. Initially, the company was started from a small garage in Columbus Indiana with a few skilled employees.

Later In 1919, Clessie Cummins was selected as the CEO and President of Cummins. From 1920 – 2000 Cummins invented multiple fuel-efficient engines, Trucks, Generators, Fuel Pumps, etc.

Currently, Cummins is well known for their super reliable, long-lasting, and Eco-friendly machines.  In addition to that they have multiple production units around the world with more than 55000 skilled workers.

Detailed history of Cummins

History of Onan Engine? – A Subsidiary of Cummins

  • Onan was founded by Mr. David W. Onan in 1920 and shortly thereafter they designed their first small electric generating sets.
  • The purpose of Mr. David is to provide super-reliable automotive tools at cheaper price tags. From 1930 – 1947 Onan built the first gasoline engine and Distributor network across the US.
  • Onan was a renowned brand and pioneer of power generation products but due to the economic crises, Onan was acquired by Cummins in 1986.

You can follow the below links to explore the detailed history of Onan and its founder Mr. David W. Onan.

  1. https://www.cumminsonan.com.au/about
  2. https://www.generatorsource.com/Articles/Manufacturer-Info/Onan-Generators.aspx

Who Owns Onan?

In 1986, Onan Corporation is acquired by the industry giant called Cummins since then Onan is a subsidiary of Cummins Inc.

Who Is the Current CEO of Cummins Onan?

Jennifer Rumsey is the current CEO of Cummins Inc.

Where Is the Cummins Headquarters?

Cummins has numerous headquarters in the USA, Canada, Mexico, China Australia, South Korea, etc.

Explore all locations/headquarters of Cummins LLC.

Who Are Cummins’s Competitors in the USA?

The following are the head-to-head competitors of Cummins Onan.

Are Cummins Onan Generators Worth The Money?

With more than 100 years of experience, Cummins Onan generators are proven to be super-efficient, reliable, noiseless, and Eco friendly.

Key Features:

Clean Power: Like premium brands Cummins Onan have infused super sensitive AVR to their portable machines to make sure the power should be steady with pure sine waves, most of the Cummins Onan generators provide <5% of THD levels.

Safe: With CARB and EPA certification Cummins Onan Portable and Standby Machines proved to be safe for Humans, appliances, and the environment as well.

Longer Runtime: With efficient engines and larger fuel tanks Cummins machines provide decent runtime. My brother owns Cummins Onan P9500DF and he is getting around 9 – 9.5 hours of runtime at 30 – 40% load.

Versatile Fuel Options: Both Standby and portable machines of Cummins Onan can run on multiple fuels like propane, natural gas, and gasoline, however, you have to skim the specification section of the specific unit before making the buying decision.

Weather Protective Aluminum Enclosure: Corrosion-protective weatherproof enclosure is adapted to not only protect their machines from bad weather but also reduce noise levels as well.

Cummins Connect Cloud: You can monitor the generator from your tablet, laptop, or cell phone.

Multiple Services: Cummins standby and portable machines are equipped with 20 – 600 Amp services depending on the size and features of the generator.

Integrated Diagnostic System: Integrated diagnostic system is adopted to diagnose the problem at early stages to prevent costly repairs down the road. Also, some of the Cummins machines have “Crank Only” Exercise Mode to diagnose the machine without starting the engine and Self-diagnostic capabilities as well.

Equipped With Cold Start Kit: Cold weather kit makes sure that the machine should start in an instant even at freezing temperature.

Easy to Maintain: Both portable and standby machines of Cummins Onan have pretty straightforward maintenance procedures, you just have to change the engine, oil spark plug (If needed), and filters (Oil and air).

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Are Cummins Engines Made in China?

Most of the engines of Cummins generators are built from scratch at Columbus Midrange Engine Plant (CMEP), however, Cummins has multiple production plants in China and surely they outsource engines from there to meet the demands.

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Why Cummins Is the Considered One of the Best In the Market?

  • Durable and Easy to Maintain
  • Trusted Brand with More than 100 years of experience
  • Made in USA
  • Quiet operation
  • Desired Longevity
  • Uncontaminated power
  • Integrated Diagnostic system to identify the problem at an early stage
  • Multiple fuel options
  • Automatic Load management system to reduce the fuel cost and noise levels as per the demand
  • Earned Professional Certifications Like EPA, CARB, etc.
  • Efficient Engines

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Where I Can Buy Cummins Onan Generators?

Cummins Onan machines can be purchased both offline and online, for online you have to do some research and find out an authorized dealer, you can also use their location finder tool.

For online purchasing, you can use the following platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions – [FAQs]

How Long Does a Cummins Generator Last?

It depends on the maintenance and how carefully you are using it, generally, a portable generator of Cummins Onan lasts about 2000 – 3000 hours, however, a standby machine could last for around 3,000 – 5,000.

Is Cummins Have Production Plants in China?

Yes, Cummins has multiple facilities in China.

What Kind of Engine Is Cummins Generator?

Most of the portable generators of Cummins Onan come with super-efficient OHV (Overhead Valve) 4-Cycle Engines, however, heavier standby machines are equipped with V-Twin OHV Engines, Turbo Charged or G-Drive Diesel engines.

Does Ford Own Cummins?

No, Cummins is an independent company, however as per the news from New York Times Ford only owns a 10.8% stake in Cummins.

Where Are Onan RV Generators Manufactured?

Most of the portable Onan generators including RV machines are still manufactured in Fridley, Minnesota. USA (Source)



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