Who Makes Hyundai Generators? – [Are They Made In China?]

This article is all about answering your queries about Who Makes Hyundai generators, where are they made, and what distinct features they offer.

Hyundai generators are being manufactured at Isaac Way, Pembroke Dock, UK by Genpower Ltd (Source). Genpower Ltd is the trading name of Hyundai Power Equipment and the only importer across the UK.

Who Makes Hyundai Generators?


Founded In2006
Original CompanyGenpower Ltd
Current CEORoland Llewellin
AddressIsaac Way London Road Pembroke Dock SA72 4RW United Kingdom
Hyundai Revenue <$5M
Main Headquarter Isaac Way, Pembroke Dock, UK
Contact No+44 1646687880
Contact Pagehttps://hyundaipowerequipment.co.uk/support/contact-us
Official Websiteshttps://hyundaipower.ca/, www.hyundaipowerequipment.co.uk
Main IndustryGarden Machinery, Power Tools, Generators, Motorsport Team, Air Compressors, Snow Blowers, Pressure Washers, etc

Who Makes Hyundai Generators?

Hyundai Power products like generators, snow blowers, water pumps, etc. are being manufactured by a renowned brand Genpower Ltd.

Are Hyundai Any Good Generators?

With more than 15 years of experience in the Power industry Hyundai generators’ are proven to be super reliable, efficient, cost-effective, and ECO-friendly as well.

Also, Hyundai machines are strictly supervised by Genpower Ltd, an industry leader well known for their power products.

Key Features of Hyundai Generators:

Compact & Light Weight: Hyundai focuses on making their machines super lightweight, compact, and travel-friendly with a reliable suitcase design and mobility kits. Also, their latest inverter machines have perfect enclosures with tough exteriors to cope with the knocks and bangs during the adventures.

Cleaner Power: Most of the Hyundai inverter machines generate pure sine waves (Cleaner Power) with less than <5% of THD levels. Your voltage-sensitive appliances like UPS, mobile phones, laptops, etc. will be safe from any shock.

Built-in Safety Features: Overload and low oil shut-off sensors are adapted to make sure the engines will be free from the threats of wearing down. Also, Hyundai got safety certifications from EPA and CARB and proved to be safe for the environment, appliances, and humans as well.

Longer Runtime: Hyundai utilizes super-efficient engines with the latest inverter technologies to ensure the generator won’t consume too much oil. Additionally, they have infused the ECO mode into their latest machine to not only save fuel but also reduce noise levels as well.

Quiet Running: Due to the perfect enclosure, silent engine, and latest inverter technology, most of the Hyundai machines emit pretty low noise levels. As per my noise test, the Hyundai HY2000si emits about 60 – 62 from 20 feet at a load of 50%.

LCD Display: LCD is infused to monitor the necessary information like output, fuel levels, overload, engine oil levels, etc.

Remote Start: Like Champion, Pulsar and other renowned brands Hyundai also adopted the wireless start, so you don’t have to step outside during the harsh weather.

Durable: Hyundai Utilized high-grade material with non-corrosive properties to make sure their machines could last longer.

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Where to Buy Hyundai Generators?

Like other brands Hyundai offers both offline and online purchasing, for offline purchasing you have to do some research and find an authorized local dealer, you can use their dealer location tools.

For online purchasing, you can use their official website or the following platforms.

What Engine Is in a Hyundai Generator?

Hyundai infuses 4-stroke OHV or V-twin petrol engines into their latest inverter or open-frame machines.

Who Owns Hyundai Power Products

Hyundai Power is owned by Genpower Ltd an industrial giant with more than 15 years of experience in power equipment.

What Oil Does Hyundai Generator Use?

For oil changing we recommend reading the user manual first, however, in general, Hyundai recommends SAE30 or SAE15w40 engine oil for most of the gasoline generators.

We also have written a detailed guide to changing the engine oil of a generator safely, make sure to have a look if you are new to the generator’s oil changing.

Are Honda and Hyundai Generators the Same?

No, both Honda and Hyundai have independent faculties with different R&D, design, and manufacturing processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How Long Does a Hyundai Generator Last?

The life span of a generator is solely dependent on the maintenance and how carefully you are using it. Generally, Hyundai machines last about 10 – 15 years or 2000 – 2500hrs.

Are Hyundai Suitcase Generators Any Good?

Because of the super compact and lightweight design with a reliable carrying handle, Hyundai suitcase machines are ideal for camping, traveling, tailgating, boating, etc.

Are Hyundai Generators Quiet?

Most of the Hyundai machines are pretty silent; they hardly emit 60 – 66dB from a distance of 25fts. Generally Noise level is dependent on the load, if you increase the load of the machine you will have to compromise on noise.



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