Where are Craftsman Generators Made?-[Raveling The Mystery]

This article is all about answering your queries about Where are Craftsman generators made?, whether are they made in China, and what features they offer.

Since 2017 Craftsman brand has been owned by Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. Headquartered in the USA. The main designing and manufacturing is currently handled by Craftsman at their main facility located in Fort Mill, South Carolina, however, some parts of the generators are also manufactured at Stanley Black & Deckers production plant.

Where are Craftsman Generators Made?


Founded In1927
Owned ByStanley Black & Decker
Made InUSA
Main Headquarters of Stanley Black & Decker Portable Generators, Lawn Movers, Power tools, Garden Tools, Job Site Equipment, Outdoor Equipment, etc.
Main Headquarters of CraftsmanNorthern Fort Worth, Texas
Current CEOJim Balcom
Craftsman LocationsExplore here
Contact EmailsFort Mill, South Carolina, USA
Contact No(888) 331-4569
Main IndustryPortable Generators, Lawn Mover, Power tools, Garden Tools, Job Site Equipment, Outdoor Equipment, etc.

Where are Craftsman Generators Made? – Brief History

Craftsman was established by Sears in 1927 as a house brand, they used to sell lawn and garden tools, work wears, etc. Later in 1929 Craftsman electric drills were introduced and known to be the most powerful drill for rugged constructions.

From 1930 – 1950 Craftsman invented multiple tools, lawnmowers, aircraft equipment, rotary movers, etc.

In March 2017 Craftsman was acquired by Stanley Black and Decker and shortly thereafter Stanley Black and Decker moved the craftsman production to the Fort mill, South Carolina, USA (Source)

Currently, the Craftsman has millions of satisfied customers around the globe.

Detailed Craftsman history

Is Craftsman Generator a Good Generator?

With more than 90 years of experience in power tools-related industry craftsman is considered as one of the most reliable and trusted brands around the globe. Furthermore, thanks to Stanley & Decker’s acquisition of the craftsman, trust, and reliability go through the roof as they are considered to be the leaders of the power tool industry.

Top 10 Features of Craftsman Generators:

Clean Power: Craftsman machines are equipped with the latest inverter technologies to provide super steady power with the lowest possible THDs (<3%>.

Efficient With Longer Runtime: Craftsman adopts the automatic RPM Control to adjust the engine’s RPM as per the need. Automatic RPM control will not only saves fuel cost but also reduce noise levels as well.

Convenient Control Panel: Like other renowned portable generators, craftsman machines also have a convenient control panel with a bunch of USB ports, outlets, LEDs, etc.

Quiet: Due to the perfect enclosure and super silent engine, the craftsman generator emits much less noise compared to the other.

Power Boost: Power Boost technology is adopted to provide 50% more starting watts from a smaller machine.

Easy To Start: Craftsman adopted quick start technology with, a stop, and choke dial button that allows the generator to start and shut off in the shortest possible time.

Parallel Ready: Like other inverter machines, craftsman inverter generators also have parallel ports to increase the power output; however you have to skim the user manual first. An incompatible connection could lead to a serious problem.

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Portable Design: Craftsman machines are super camping, tailgating, and traveling-friendly with lighter weight, convenient carrying handles, and mobility kits.

Easy to Maintain: Like Honda, Generac, and Champion Craftsman generators also need pretty basic maintenance like fresh engine oil intake, clean spark plug, and filters. You don’t have to do hectic tasks like tune-ups, etc. more often.

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Pros and Cons Of Craftsman Generators

  • Quiet
  • Budget-friendly
  • Portable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Efficient
  • Durable
  • Limited Varieties
  • Limited outlets

Where Can I Buy Craftsman Generators?

Like other brands Craftsman Generator could be purchased both offline and online, for offline purchasing you may have to do some research to find an authorized dealer, their dealer locator tool could be a helping hand for you.

For online purchasing, you can use their official website or the following platforms.

Where Is Craftsman Headquarters?

The main headquarter of Craftsman is in Fort Mill, South Carolina, USA, however, they have multiple faculties across you can explore here: craftsman production plants.

Is a Craftsman Generator Quiet?

Yes, Since craftsman’s machines have perfect enclosures, silent engines, and the latest inverter technologies almost every machine emits less than 65dB at 25 – 30% load, however with an increased load you may have to compromise on noise levels.

Is Craftsman Made in China?

No, The Craftsman is an American-based company located in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

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Do Craftsman Generators Have a Lifetime Warranty?

Craftsman does not offer a lifetime warranty for their generator, however, they offer 3 years of limited warranty (source).

Who Makes the Engine for a Craftsman Generator?

The engines of craftsman machines are made by a famous brand Briggs and Stratton (Source)

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Who Owns Craftsman?

Craftsman is owned by an American-based company called Stanley Black u0026amp; Decker.

Are Craftsman Generators Made in the U.S.?

Yes, Craftsman machines are imagined, designed, and built from the ground at Craftsman and Stanley Black Decker facilities in Texas, and South Carolina respectively.

Are Craftsman Generators Manufactured by Generac?

No, Stanley Black u0026amp; Decker was owned by the company in 2017 since then they are the manufacturers of Craftsman generators.
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What Kind of Engine Oil Do I Use for Craftsman Generators?

For oil changing you should skim the user manual first, however, 5W-30 Full Synthetic Automotive Engine Oil is recommended for any craftsman machines.

What Is the Price Range of Craftsman Generators?

The price of Craftsman machines is dependent on the quality, features, and size of the machine you are going to own. Typically a solid portable generator from a craftsman would cost you around $300 – $1500.

Can Craftsman Generators Run on Propane or Natural Gas?

Craftsman machines are not currently focusing on dual fuel machines; however, with a conversion kit, you can do the task.
CAUTION: eek help from professionals before converting your single-fuel machine to dual-fuel.



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