Where Are Kohler Generators Made – Are They Made In China?

This article is all about answering your queries about “Where are Kohler generators made? Are they made in China and what distinct features they are offering?

KOHLER generators are imagined, designed, and manufactured in Wisconsin, United States. They outsource the parts and components from trusted suppliers around the world to ensure that the final product fulfills the needs of consumers. Moreover, in 2007 Kohler Co. created a joint venture with a chines company called YinXiang Ltd. Since then the gasoline engines of Kohler have been built in Chongqing, China (source).  

Where Are Kohler Generators Made?


Founded In1873
FounderMr. John Michael Kohler
Current CEODavid Kohler
Main Headquarter LocationWisconsin, United States
Address444 Highland Drive Kohler, WI United States of America
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact No1-800-456-4537
Number of Employees10,001+
Main IndustryGenerators, Smart Home Kitchen & Bath, Hospitality, Engines, Resort Destinations, Golf Courses, Interiors, Sustainability, Innovation,

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Where Are Kohler Generators Made? – Brief History

Kohler was founded on 3rd December 1873 by Mr. John Michael Kohler. The first headquarter was in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Kohler used to sell plows and other farm implements initially and was known as Kohler & Silberzahn.

Later in 1920, Kohler builds the first modern-day engine-powered electric generator. from 1920 – 1990 Kohler invents revolutionary technologies like the EFI system, K – series engines, OHC 18–HP engines, and bigger generators to power hospitals, airports, government firms, golf clubs, etc.

After the struggle of more than 100 years, Kohler finally builds the world’s first Tier 4 Final diesel engine (KOHLER Diesel KDI) that works without a filter and decreases the operational cost significantly.  Also, Kohler earns the award “Diesel of the Year” for that achievement.

In 2020 Kohler introduce their most powerful generator for industries, gigantic hospitals, and firms with a super powerful KD series engine that can generate up to 4,000KW of power.

In addition to that Kohler has claimed that they have designed that beast to last for decades with better fuel economy and lower maintenance cost.

Kohler Co. is now a global leader in the manufacture of engines, kitchen, bath, and power-related systems.

Currently, they have more than 55 manufacturing locations around the globe with millions of satisfied customers.

Kohler Generator Plant Address

Kohler has more than 50 plants around the world, however below is the address of their main headquarter.

444 Highland Drive
Kohler, WI
United States of America

Is Kohler Generators a Good Brand?

Yes, with more than 100 years of experience in the power industry, Kohler is considered the most reliable brand.

Though their generators are a bit expensive, still if you are looking for a durable machine that needs little to no maintenance and also provides mind-blowing runtime, Kohler should be your 1st priority.

Main Features of Kohler:

Ultra Clean Power: Kohler utilized the advanced voltage and frequency regulator that provides ultra-low THD (total harmonic distortion) so that all voltage-sensitive appliances should be safe.

Powerboost™ Technology: Kohler equipped their machines with super powerful Powerboost technology that provides additional power for heavy motors like air conditioners, bigger sump pumps, etc. Unlike other machines, Kohler will never go under power even with a heavy load like central air conditioners, welders, etc.

Withstand Extreme Weather: KOHLER generator comes with a super reliable engine made of high-grade materials that can sustain extreme weather. In addition to that they have utilized corrosion resistive super durable material for cabinet/enclosure so that your machine should be safe from rain and harsh snow.

Fast-Response®: Easily handle the higher load within 10 seconds.

Premium Warranty: Kohler provides 5 years of warranty and 2,000 hours of protection backed by great customer support.

 OnCue® Plus: OnCue Plus Allows you to read real-time updates of your generator using a cell phone (Android/iPhone) or laptop (Android/iPhone/Windows).

RDC2 Controller: RDC2 comes with 2 – line backlit LCD screen display that allows checking the status machine more conveniently.

Safer Operation: With cUL, UL 2200, CSA, and EPA certifications Kohler are proven to be safer for appliances, the environment, and humans as well.

Noiseless Operation: Like Cummins, Cat(who makes Cat generators), and other renowned brands Kohler has utilized a super silent engine with a perfect enclosure to keep the noise at minimum levels.

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Where I Can Buy Kohler Generators?

Like other renowned brands Kohler machines can be purchased both online and offline as well.

For offline purchasing, you can use their dealer location tool and for online buying, you can use the below stores.

Are Kohler Engines Made in China?

It depends, some of the Kohler generators may be equipped with made in china engines (List of top Made-in-China generator brands) built by a Chinese company called YinXiang Ltd., however not all of the Kohler machines have made in China as most of the manufacturing process is handled at their headquarter located in Wisconsin, USA

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How Long Do Kohler Generators Last?

The life expectancy of Kohler engines is solely dependent on the maintenance and how carefully you are running it, typically a solid Kohler engine should last for at least 4,000 – 5,000 hours.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Kohler Generators Noisy?

No, unlike other machines most of the Kohler machines have impressive enclosures so that the noise couldn’t be emitted into the environment. 

I own a Kohler 14RCA 14kW Generator with an Aluminum Enclosure and believe me it is as quiet as a central air conditioner, as per the noise test it emits about 64 – 66 dB(A) from the 10ft.

Are Kohler Generators Made in the USA?

Unfortunately, the answer is not straightforward,  as per the manufacturer’s statement Kohler generators are being manufactured at their main faculty located in Wisconsin, USA (source), However, they have made a joint venture in 2007 with YinXiang Ltd. A Chinese company to build their gasoline engines (Source).

Is Kohler a Big Company?

Yes, Kohler Co. is a global leader in not only power products but also kitchens, baths, and other heavy-duty machines; currently, they have more than 55 manufacturing locations around the world.

Is Kohler More Expensive Than Generac?

Yes, Kohler machines are a bit on the expensive side compared to the Generac.



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