Where Are Wen Generators Made? – Are They Worth The Money?

This article is all about answering your burning queries related to “Where are Wen generators made?” What are their main features and are they worth the money?

WEN generators are imagined and designed at their main headquarter situated in Illinois USA, however, the manufacturing process is being handled in China under the supervision of WEN products. Most of the WEN machines have Yamaha-cloned engines with similar specifications, efficiency, and longevity as well.

Where Are Wen Generators Made?


Founded In1951
FounderNick Anton
Main Headquarter LocationWest Dundee, Illinois, USA
Address5810 Northwest Hwy, Chicago, Illinois, 60631, United States
Main IndustryHome Improvement, Hardware Retail, Power tools

Where Are Wen Generators Made? – Brief History

WEN was founded by Nick Anton back in 1951 since then WEN products constantly dominated the market with their cheapest super reliable power tools, like chainsaws, electric engravers, wheel sharpeners, etc. Mr. Nick has a dream to bring both electricity and tools together to increase the Speed and efficiency of a handyman (Source).

In addition to that WEN is the pioneer of random orbital technology; the technology used to make waxers, shine polishes, and buffers to enhance the shine of a car, motorbike, etc.

After a long journey of 50 years, WEN has revealed that they have sold almost 50 million units to consumers till 2001.

As per the current report, WEN has millions of satisfied customer around the globe with a huge headquarter in West Dundee, Illinois, USA.

Who Makes the Engine on a Wen Generator?

The whole process of designing and R&D is being handled by the WEN products at their main headquarter situated in Illinois USA, however, the engines and the manufacturing process are being handled in China under the supervision of WEN.

What Engine Does a Wen Generator Use?

WEN generators are equipped with CARB and EPA-compliant air-cooled OHV engines with different Cubic centimeters (CC) as per the size of the machine, i.e. a bigger machine has a higher CC compared to a smaller one.

WEN machines are equipped with an engine that is close to accurate clones of Yamaha with greater efficiency, noiseless operation, and increased longevity as well.

Are Wen Generators Any Good?

With more than 50 years of experience in the power industry, WEN has sold more than 50 million power tools including generators, grinders, different saws, etc.

With a vision to provide cheaper tools to every handyman, WEN is swiftly earning the trust of its buyers by providing desired machines with impressive durability, longer runtime, and a decent output within a mid-range price tag.

Main Features of WEN Generators:

Cleaner/Steady Power: Most of the Wen machines have the latest inverter technologies to provide extremely lower THD (total harmonic distortion) levels. As per my experience inverter generators like WEN 56380i, WEN 56235, etc. provide <3% of THD, however, the bigger machine of 10 -15kw may provide a bit higher THD levels.

We recommend giving a read to the specification section of the machine you are going to own before making a buying decision.

Longer Run Time/Efficient Engines: Since most of the Wen machines are equipped with efficient inverters with ECO mode as well, you will have greater runtime with fewer noise levels compared to the others.

NOTE: Inverter generators are more efficient and quiet with steady power; however with larger machines of WEN like WEN DF1100T, you have to compromise on the fuel cost, noise level, and THD levels as well.

Safer Operation:  With CARB and EPA certifications, most of the WEN generators including non-inverter ones are proven to be safe for the appliances, humans, and the environment as well.

Extremely Durable: WEN utilizes super light noncorrosive high-grade material with 100% copper windings to ensure their machines can last longer compared to the others. Also, they aim to make them as wallet-friendly as they can.

Parallel Support: Like Honda, champion, and other renowned brands, the inverter generators of WEN also can be connected through a parallel kit to double the wattage output, however, you have to make sure whether both machines are compatible or not.

Noiseless: With perfect enclosure and inverter technology WEN machines are proven to be noiseless. Though the bigger machines with open frame technology are a bit roar, still you can place them 50 – 70ft away to get a super silent operation.

Lower Maintenance: WEN has utilized the industry’s leading fuel shut-off sensor to limit maintenance. The sensor will prevent the blockage and ensure that dirty fuel shouldn’t be crossed through the pipes.

The bottom line is WEN machines need ordinary maintenance like the intake of fresh engine oil and cleaning filters and spark plugs periodically.  

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How Long Does a Wen Generator Last?

Like other renowned brands WEN portable generator may last for around 15 – 20 years or 2,000 – 3,000 hours depending on the maintenance and how carefully you are using it.

Where to Buy Wen Generators?

WEN generators can be purchased from the local offline dealer, their official website, and online stores as well.

If you are from the USA or Canada we recommend purchasing from their Official website, however, the following stores are offering a huge variety of WEN machines.

Can I Run My Wen Generator in the Rain?

No WEN machines are not waterproof, like other machines WEN generators also need a perfect enclosure or at least a shed during rainy days.

What Kind of Oil Does a Wen Generator Use?

We recommend skimming the user manual first and choosing the oil as per their recommendation. Synthetic oil should be your first priority, however, conventional oil will also be fine (Source).

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Loud Is a Wen Generator?

Most of the open-frame bigger WEN machines emit about 75 – 78dB on average depending on the load and how far you have placed your machine, however, inverter machines are supper silent and emit about 58 – 64dB on average.

How Often Should You Change the Oil in a Wen Generator?

It depends on the usage, as a general thumb rule we need to change the engine oil of the generator after every 80 – 100 hours of runtime. You can follow this guide about how to change the engine oil of a generator.

Are Wen and Predator Generators is Same?

No, both Predator and WEN have different manufacturing units with different design and engineering processes.

Is Wen an American Company?

Yes, the main headquarter of WEN is in Illinois USA; however, their manufacturing process is being handled in China.

Do Wen Generators Use Yamaha Engines?

No, they don’t have Yamaha-manufactured engines, however, they are using close to an accurate clone of Yamaha Engines.

What Is the Average Runtime of a Wen Generator?

It depends on the fuel tank size, maintenance, and how much load you are pulling from the machine, on average a WEN machine provides 8 – 9 hours of runtime at 25 – 30% load.



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