Where Are Predator Generators Made? – [Who Is the CEO?]

This article is all about answering your burning queries about Where are predator generators made. Do they have Honda engines and what features are they offering?

Predator generators are made by a well-known USA-based company called Harbor Freight Tools situated in California. The imagination and designing process is being handled at their main headquarter in Calabasas, California, however, the assembling process is done by a Chinese company Loncin (source).

Where Are Predator Generators Made?


FoundersEric Smidt , Allan Smidt
Founded In1977
Current CEOEric Smidt
Company NameHarbor Freight Tools
Main HeadquarterCalabasas, California, U.S.
Location26677 Agoura Road, Calabasas, CA 91302, US
Company TypePrivate
Number of Employees10,001+ 
Revenue Recorded in 2021$6.5 billion
No. of retail stores1,300 in 48 states
SpecialtiesRetail, Tools, Home Improvement, Generators, and Compressors
Business ModelsE-Commerce, Mail Order and Retail

Where Are Predator Generators Made? – A Brief History

In 1977 a teenager Eric Smidt and his father Allan started Harbor Freight from a normal warehouse in California with a vision to provide top-quality tools at a lower cost.

Later in 1985, Eric Smidt became the CEO of the company and finally, in 1999, he became the sole owner of Harbor Freight.

Currently the main headquarter of Harbor Freight Tools is in Calabasas, California, and has over 1,300 stores across the 48 states, also continuously expanding the business by opening new retailers every week. In addition to that Harbor Freight is actively doing E-commerce at scale.

With more than 45 years of experience, Harbor Freight is offering over 7,000 tools and accessories including portable generators, compressors, automotive tools, etc.

Are Predator Engines Chinese?

As per the official’s statements the main headquarter of Harbor Freight is in Calabasas, California, however, as per our deep research and tests we found that the Predator generator is infused with chines engines that are outsourced from Loncin (source).

Some older models may have Lifan Group engines but as per the recent report Lifan is sold to their parent company and they aren’t currently working for Harbor Freight.

Who Owns Predator Generator Brand?

Harbor Freight Tools owns the Predator brand.

Are Predator Generators Any Good?

With more than 25 years of experience and 1300 retail outlets across the 48 states predator earns millions of satisfied customers around the globe.

Due to the affordable price tags, longer runtime, quiet engines, and some modern features, predator generators are preferred over even the Honda generators.

I purchased a Predator 3500 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator over Honda EU3000IS just because of the price tag.

Main Features of the Predator Generators:

Cleaner Power: Like Honda, predator adopts the latest inverter technology with super-intelligent AVR to keep THD levels minimum (<5%).

ESC (Electronic Speed Control) Mode: The purpose of infusing ESC mode is to optimize the performance by controlling the speed of the rotor for not only saving fuel but also reducing noise levels as well.

CO SECURE™: Predator has utilized the industry-leading Carbon monoxide sensor so that the generator shuts off automatically once the concentrator of CO in a closed space reaches a dangerous level.

Parallel Support: Like Honda, champion, and other premium brands, Predator also offers parallel support with their latest inverter machines; you just need to go through the user manual and couple two machines as per their instructions.

NOTE: Make sure to cross-check the compatibility of both machines in terms of frequencies, etc. before paralleling them. As per my experience, I successfully combined 2 Predators 3500-watts without any hurdle.

Versatile Outlets: A Predator machine comes with multiple outlets, like, 20amp, 30amp, or even 50amp depending on the wattage.

Noiseless Operation: Most of the predator inverter machines emit less than 60dBs from 30ft at 25 – 30% load. As per the noise test conducted by me, my Predator 3500 emits only 59 – 60dB of noise levels from 30ft away at 25% load.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly: Like the champion, Honda and other renowned brand predators also have certifications of CARB, OSHA, and EPA and have also proven to be safe for humans, appliances, and the environment.

Durable: Though the price tag of Predator is half compared to the Honda generators, still they utilize high-grade material and 100% copper windings to make sure that their generators should last longer.

Lower Maintenance Cost: Unlike cheaper machines, the Predator generator needs little to no maintenance; you just have to change the engine oil, filters, and spark plug periodically.

Decent Run Time: Predator has utilized the industry’s leading inverter technology with the most efficient engine to maximize the runtime. I am getting 7.5 – 8 hours of runtime at 25 – 30% load from my Predator 3500.

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Are Predator Generators Made by Honda?

Though rumors are flooding through the internet that the engines of Honda and Predator generators are the same and also manufactured by the same owner.  

However, the reality is, Honda has their own faculties In China, France, Japan, etc.  On the other hand, Harbor Freight has its own facility in California, Maybe they are making exact clones of Honda engines but both engines are not made by the same company.

Is Predator 212 CC Engines the Clone of Honda GX200 Engine?

Surprisingly GX200 and Predator 212cc are pretty similar and also can be interchanged with some modifications.

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What Kind of Engine Is in a Predator Generator?

Harbor Freight has a crew of talented engineers, whose task is to design powerful OHV PREDATOR® engines with top-notch efficiency and durability at the minimum cost.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will a Predator Generator Last?

Most of the predator machines last for about 15 – 20 years or 2,000 – 3,000 depending on the maintenance and how carefully you are using it.

Are Predator Generators Weatherproof?

No, like other machines predator machines also need a perfect enclosure on rainy days.

Who Makes Predator Generators Engines?

As we have discussed above previously the engines of predator machines were outsourced from the Lifan Group, however as per the current news predator engines are now built by another well-known company called Loncin (source).

Do Predator Generators Have an Inverter Generator?

Yes, most of the predator generators come with the industry’s leading inverter technology, however, you should have to be careful as they have ordinary ones with non-inverter technology as well.

Are Predator Generators Pure Sine Waves?

Yes, most of the predator generators provide <5% of THD levels to ensure that all of the voltage-sensitive appliances should be safe.



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