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This article aims to answer your burring quires about “where are Westinghouse generators made? Are they worth the money and what distinct features they are offering?

Westinghouse generators are designed in the USA and made in China or Vietnam under the supervision of Westinghouse Electric Company LLC. Some of the models are developed locally for Australia to ensure customers’ satisfaction.

Where Are Westinghouse Generators Made?


Founder George Westinghouse
Founded In1846
Phone No1800 453 626
Contact[email protected]
Address777 Manor Park Dr, Columbus, Ohio, 43228, United States
Main HeadquarterColumbus, Ohio
Designed InUS
Manufactured InChina or Vietnam
No. of Employees51-200 
Chief Financial OfficerJeff Marshall
CertificationsCARB and EPA
ProductsPortable Generators, Pressure washers, Gardening tools, etc.

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Where Are Westinghouse Generators Made?

Westinghouse was founded in 1886 by Mr. George Westinghouse with an average headquarter and a bunch of employees, later in 1888 Nikola Tesla built the first alternating current motor for Westinghouse.

Fast forward from 1891-1914 Westinghouse constantly worked on electric products and made revolutionary turbines, hydropower AC generators, Electric stoves, etc.

Though Westinghouse faced a slight drop when their founder Mr. George, died in 1914, still with constant effort and dedication towards the power industry, they came back stronger than ever.

From 1920 – 2010 Westinghouse discovered revolutionary products like eye savers, radar systems, robots, electric elevators, camera captures, etc.

In 2011 they first introduced their portable generators with normal features, however with time they improved efficiency and design, and also added multiple modern features like Wi-Fi, Inverter technology, Mobility kits, etc.

Currently, they have a huge inventory of generators with durable frames, multiple fuel and startup options, lower noise levels, etc.

Detailed History of Westinghouse.

Who Makes Westinghouse Generators?

The engines of Westinghouse are imagined and designed in the USA, however, their manufacturing process is being handled in China or Vietnam (Source). Explore our list of best made in china generators

What Engine Is in Westinghouse Generators?

Westinghouse generators are equipped with 4-stroke OHV (overhead valve) environmentally friendly engines that emit little to no carbon footprints. Also, it complies with the standard of Australian and US EPA emission standards.

Are Westinghouse Generators Any Good?

With more than 100 years of experience in the power industry, Westinghouse is now a leading brand with millions of satisfied customers around the globe.

Westinghouse constantly releases the most durable machines with the latest features and technologies like inverters, remote control, etc. In addition to that, they try their best to keep the price tag lower.

Main Features of Westinghouse Generators:

Cleaner Power: Like Honda, Wen, and DuroMax, Westinghouse utilized the industry’s leading inverter technology to ensure that voltage-sensitive appliances shouldn’t be harmed. Most of their generators have <5% of THD which is considered great for even voltage-sensitive appliances.

Multiple Fuel Options: Like DuroMax, Westinghouse is also known for its multiple fuel options. They currently have single, dual, and tri-fuel options.

Safer Operation: With CARB and EPA certifications Westinghouse is proven to be safe for the environment, appliances, and humans as well. Additionally, they have infused a super-sensitive CO sensor into their generator, once the concentration of Carbon monoxide (CO) reaches dangerous levels the generator shuts off automatically.

Parallel Supported: Westinghouse inverter generators are also equipped with parallel support, you can combine two inverter machines with a parallel kit to double the wattage.

NOTE: Make sure to read the user manual first before making a parallel connection. Incompatible machines with different frequencies may cause serious problems.

Durable: Westinghouse utilizes a high-grade non-corrosive material for not only engines but also for the frame and other components to ensure that their machines last longer than others.

On top of that each Westinghouse machine also comes with 3 years of limited warranty backed by great customer support.

Easier Maintenance: Like most of the renowned brands Westinghouse machines also need fresh engine oil, cleaned filters, and spark plugs periodically, you don’t have to do rapid tune-ups and other hectic maintenance tasks.

Quiet Operation: Most of the Westinghouse inverter generator emits about 60 – 66dB on average, however, a bigger open frame machine may emit 68 – 74dB depending on the load you are pulling.

As per my experience with WGen9500TFc, it emits around 70 – 72dB from 30ft away with 30 – 40% load.

Remote Start: Like Champion and Pulsar, Westinghouse is also releasing remote start generators. Currently, they have Westinghouse iGen4500 in inventory with the industry’s leading wireless startup.

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Where to Buy Westinghouse Generators

Westinghouse can be purchased both offline and online, for offline purchasing,  we recommend using their location finder tool, however, for online purchasing, you can use the following platforms.

How Long Do Westinghouse Generators Last?

Typically a portable Westinghouse machine lasts for about 15 – 20 years depending on the maintenance and how carefully you are using it.

Does My Westinghouse Generator Need to Be Grounded?

Like other generators, Westinghouse machines also need to ground properly for obvious safety reasons. Follow our guide to ground your generator safely.

Are Westinghouse Generators Noisy?

No, like Honda, Generac, and other renowned brands Westinghouse generator also produces 66 to 69dB depending on the load you are pulling, also some inverter machines have an eco mode to ensure greater fuel average with less noise levels..

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Westinghouse and Onan Generators the Same?

Though the engine of Cummins Onan P4500i is pretty identical to the Westinghouse iGen4500, still we can’t conclude that both are the same companies as Westinghouse is a different brand and has a completely different design and R&D process; however, Onan is a subsidiary of Cummins Inc.

Are Westinghouse Generators American-Made?

No, Westinghouse generators are made in China or Vietnam.

Are Cummins and Westinghouse Generators the Same?

No, both Cummins and Westinghouse are different brands with different faculties, engineers, designers, and R&D processes.



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