Where are Firman Generators Made? – [Revealing the Truth]

This article is all about answering your burning queries about “Where are Firman generators made? are Firman generators any good and what distinct features do they offer?

Firman generators are imagined, designed, and engineered from the ground at their main headquarter situated in Peoria, Arizona, US. As per the statement of officials, Friman is owned by SUMEC Machinery founded in 1978 and their main headquarter is in Nanjing, China. The SUMEC Machinery is also a subsidiary of Sinomach (China National Machinery Industry Corporation) and specializes in Heavy Machinery, Heavy Duty Castings, Forgings, Agricultural machinery, etc.

Where are Firman Generators Made?
CEO            Greg Montgomery
GM (General Manager)Roland Jackson
Net worth$7.3M
Phone No(844) 347-6261
No. of Employees11 – 50
Founded In1999
Headquarters8644 W Ludlow Dr, Peoria, Arizona, 85381, United States
Tiny Part of Sumec Machinery
Registered In92 countries
Annual RevenueApprox. $6.9M
CertificationsCARBEPA, NOM and cTEL
SpecialtiesGenerators, Portable Generators, Inverters, and Outdoor Power Equipment

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Where are Firman Generators Made? -Brief History

The FIRMAN brand was established in 2001. Later in 2007, Firman became the number one brand exporting portable gasoline generators in China.

Fast forward from 2010 – 2011 the owner of Firman took advantage of low competition and established strong terms with leading generator brands and sold almost 10 million generators.

From 2012 – 2013, Firman earned about 100 million USD by exporting portable gasoline generators. Also, they started building their standard retail stores, showrooms, etc.

Finally, in 2014, Firman established a partnership with KOHLER to fasten their production.  Currently, Firman is a leading brand with millions of satisfied customers around the globe.

Who Owns Firman?

Firman brand is under the SUMEC group founded in 1978 (Source).

Who Is the CEO of Firman?

Greg Montgomery is the current CEO and Vice president of Firman Power Equipment.

Are Firman Generators Any Good?

With more than 20 years of experience in the power industry, Firman is now a leading brand with millions of satisfied customers around the globe. The ultimate goal of Firman is to provide the most durable, efficient, and lightweight generators with a reasonable price tag and top-notch customer support.

Currently, they have more than 40 generators with extremely portable designs, inverter technology, and modern features as well.

Main Features of Firman Generators:

Clean Power: Like Honda, Champion, and other renowned brands, Friman also utilized the latest inverter technology to supply cleaner power to voltage-sensitive equipment. Most of the inverter generators of Firman have <3% of THD levels.

Longer Runtime: With ECO mode and the most efficient engine, the latest Firman generators claim to provide at least 7-8 hours of runtime at 25-30% load.

Decent Portability: Firman aims to make their generator travel, RV, and camping friendly with decent portability, enclosure, mobility kit, etc. Also I found them a bit lighter and more compact than the other generators.

Safe: With certifications of CARBEPA, NOM, and cTEL, Firman is proven to be safe for not only appliances but also for humans and the environment as well.

Multiple Fuel Options: FIRMAN power equipment is constantly releasing newer generators with dual or tri-fuel options as well; hence if you run out of gasoline you will still have the option to attach an LPG or natural gas tank.

Multiple startup options with Remote start as well: With Firman machines, you will not only get recoil and push start but also wireless as well. In addition to that their remote start technology could catch the signals from 40-50fts.

Easier Maintenance: Unlike other machines, the Firman generator needs little to no maintenance, you will only have to change the engine oil, spark plug, filter, etc. They hardly need tune-ups and other hectic maintenance.  

Desired life span: FIRMAN has a crew of talented engineers, whose task is to prioritize the raw material that can last longer with lightweight as well. Additionally, they go one step ahead and make their generator waterproof as well.

Warranty: All Firman generators are backed by 3 years of limited warranty and great customer support.

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From Where Can I Buy Firman Generators?

For offline purchasing you can go to any local dealer, however for online purchasing, you can directly buy from their official website.

Below is the list of platforms from where you can buy a Firman Machine.

Is Firman a Chinese Company?

No, as per the statements of officials Firman built their generators from the ground at their main headquarter situated in the USA.

We also have compiled a list of the top-rated made-in-USA generators.

What Engine Does a Firman Generator Have?

Most of the Firman machines have 4-stroke OHV engines Powered By KOHLER® (Source).

How Long Will a Firman Generator Last?

Typically a Firman gen-set lasts about 15-20 years or 2,500-3,000 hours depending on the maintenance and how carefully you are running.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Noisy Is Firman Generator?

Firman generators emit 60-74 dB(A) on average depending on the size, type, and how much load you are pulling from the machine.

How Can You Tell a Real Firman Generator?

The following tips will be a helping hand to identify a fake Firman generator. Check the engraved name on every part of the generator i.e. tank, cylinder head cover, engine block, etc. Inspect the coil if it isn’t rolled neatly, maybe the engine is refurbished.

Can I Use Synthetic Oil in Firman Generator?

Yes, synthetic oil would be a great choice, however, make sure to use it as per the season. for more information Read these faqs from the Firman.

Who Makes Firman Generator Engines?

The engines of Firman are built by KOHLER an American-based company well known for their durable combustion engines with great efficiency as well.



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