Where Are Briggs and Stratton Generators Made?

This article is all about answering your burning queries like “Where are Briggs and Stratton’s generators made?”, Are they made in China, and What distinct features are they offering?

Briggs and Stratton is a USA-based company there generators are imagined, designed, and manufactured at their main faculties in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, Munnsville, Milwaukee,  New York, and some other cities.

Where Are Briggs and Stratton Generators Made?

Quick Overview

Founded In1908
Made InUSA
Main Headquarter Milwaukee, WI
Address3300 N 124th St, Milwaukee, WI 53222, United States
FoundersStephen Foster Briggs and Harold M. Stratton
Current CEOStephen Andrews
Briggs and Stratton LocationsExplore here
Contact Emails[email protected]
Contact No1 (800) 444-7774
No of Employees5,001-10,000
Main IndustryPortable and standby Generators, Engines, Snowblowers, Lawn Mover, Batteries, Pressure Washers, Energy Storage Systems, Garden Tractors, Job Site Equipment, Commercial Turf Equipment, and Lithium-Ion Batteries

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Where Are Briggs and Stratton Generators Made? – Brief History

Briggs and Stratton were invented by Stephen Foster Briggs and Harold M. Stratton in 1908, Mr. Harold M. Stratton was the only investor of Briggs and Stratton at that time. Later in 1919 Briggs and Stratton Purchased the manufacturing rights to build two-seat vehicles infused with gasoline engines.

During World War 2 they produced several generators to help soldiers. Later in 1953 Briggs and Stratton developed their first aluminum light weigh engine to facilitate the lawn and garden owners with lightweight rotors, lawn mowers, etc.

Currently, Briggs and Stratton have around 13 large faculties in the USA and 8 more in Australia, Canada, China, Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands, etc. The company also has designing, manufacturing, marketing, and servicing faculties in 100 countries on six continents.

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Are Briggs and Stratton Engines Made in China?

No, Briggs and Stratton is an American (USA) based company (Generators Made by USA) their main headquarter is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Is Briggs & Stratton a Good Generator Brand?

With over 100 years of experience in gasoline and power-related industries, Briggs and Stratton is one of the largest manufacturers of portable and standby generators, lithium-ion batteries, energy storage systems, lawn and garden equipment, job site tools, etc.

Main Features:

Pure Sine Waves/Clean Power: Briggs and Stratton have adopted the latest Inverter technology that produces smoother power with extremely lower THDs (3 – 6% on average) to ensure your voltage-sensitive appliances like laptops, UPS, mobile phones, etc. should be safe.

CO Guard®: Most machines of Briggs and Stratton are equipped with an industries-leading CO (carbon monoxide) detector to shut off the machines within seconds once the concentration of CO reaches dangerous levels in a closed space.

Compact and Light Weight: Briggs and Stratton focus on making their machines super reliable for camping lovers with a convenient mobility kit, Telescope handles, etc.

Parallel Supported: Like Honda, champion, and other reputed brands, Briggs and Stratton also offers parallel ports with their latest inverter machine, you can couple two machines to get double wattages.

Note: Make sure to skim the user manual before making the parallel connections.

Quiet Operation: With perfect enclosure, quieter inverter technology, and super silent engines, almost every machine of Briggs and Stratton emits pretty low noise levels, as per my noise test with Briggs and Stratton P2400 PowerSmart Series™ I got 60 – 62dB from 25ft away at 25 – 30% load.

Note: Noise levels are solely dependent on the load, with an increased load you will significantly find higher noise levels compared to a lower load.

Durable: Briggs and Stratton have utilized high-grade non-corrosive material to make their machines lighter and long-lasting, they also have utilized 100% copper windings to ensure stable and constant performance for decades.

Longer Runtime: Latest Briggs and Stratton machines are equipped with super-efficient engines with Eco mode to reduce fuel consumption by 25%.

As per my experience, a normal inverter machine of Briggs and Stratton provides about 8 – 9 hours of runtime at 25 – 30% load.

Multiple Fuel Options: Briggs and Stratton have optimized their machine for multiple fuels like gasoline LPG and Natural Gas.

Where I Can Buy Briggs and Stratton Generators?

Briggs and Stratton generators can be purchased both offline and online, for offline purchasing you can use their dealer locator tool, however for online purchasing follow this link: Where to Buy Briggs and Stratton.

Who Owns Briggs and Stratton?

Briggs and Stratton is an independent company, Stephen Andrews, a former executive of a company previously owned by KPS is the current CEO of Briggs & Stratton.

As you might know that in 2020 Briggs & Stratton had some serious financial issues and filed for bankruptcy.

KPS Capital Partners, (a private equity firm) bought the company’s assets and formed a new company, which is now called Briggs & Stratton.

Detailed news

How Long Does a Briggs and Stratton Last?

It depends on the maintenance and how careful you are using it, typically a Briggs and Stratton generator last for about 10 – 15 years (2000 – 3000 hours).

Is Honda Engine Better Than Briggs and Stratton?

Honda is well known for their super-efficient and long-lasting engines but they cost a bit more, however, Briggs and Stratton are also offering decent quality within the mid-range price tag.

We suggest going with a Honda machine if you have a budget.

Where Is Briggs and Stratton Headquarters?

Briggs and Stratton have multiple headquarters across America (USA), and their main headquarter is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How Many Hours Does a Briggs and Stratton Generator Run?

On average a Briggs and Stratton machine provides 8 – 9 hours of runtime at 25% load, however, with an increased load you may have to compromise on fuel.

Is Briggs and Stratton Made in China?

No, Briggs and Stratton is a pure US-based company their whole process from the designing to manufacturing of the generator is being handled in the US.

Is Briggs and Stratton Made in the USA?

Yes, their main and almost every headquarter is in the USA.

What Is Briggs and Stratton Warranty?

Like other renowned brands, Briggs and Stratton also offer 24 months of consumer product warranty and 12 months of Commercial warranty.



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