Who Makes Ford Generators? – [Revealing The Mystery]

This guide is all about answering your burning queries about “Who makes Ford generators?” Where are they currently made and are they worth the money?

Ford generators are being manufactured by Pulsar at their main facility in Ontario, California under the supervision and permission of ford motors to use their official trademarks (Source).

Who Makes Ford Generators?


Founded In1903
FoundersHenry Ford
AddressFord Power Equipment, Unit 23, Ynyscedwyn Industrial Estate, Trawsffordd, Ystradgynlais, Swansea, SA9 1DT
Employees10,001+ employees
Contact No01639 849847
Email Address[email protected]
Contact Pagehttps://www.fordpowerequipment.co.uk/contact-us
Official Websiteshttps://www.fordpowerequipment.co.uk/
Main IndustryAutomotive, Generators, Lawn movers, Pressure washers, etc.

Who Makes Ford Generators? – [A Brief History]

Ford is a US-based company founded by Henry Ford in 1903. Ford was well known as an automobile manufacturer; however, with the extensive efforts towards the power industry, Ford’s trademark appears on various products like Generators, Pressure washers, lawn movers, etc.

Currently, Ford generators are manufactured by a well-known American-based company Pulsar under the trademark and strict supervision of Ford.

The highlights of the Ford machines are their toughness, efficiency, multiple fuel options, and neighboring friendly operation.

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Are Ford Generators Any Good?

Clean Power: Ford has utilized appliance-friendly AVR and inverter technology to keep the THD (total harmonic Distortion) under 3%. As per our tests, the FORD 2500W Portable inverter Generator provides <3% of THD, however bigger models with more than 10kw machines provide <10% of THDs.

Silent Operation: Ford has adopted super silent OHV engines, inverters, and air-tight enclosures to make their machines neighboring-friendly. Most of their generators emit 60 – 68dB depending on the load and how far you have placed the generator.

Dual Fuel Technology: Like other renowned brands Ford generators also have dual fuel options. If you are in the countryside and you don’t have access to the gasoline, don’t worry you still have option B (LPG).

Safer Operation: Ford machines are certified by the CARB, EPA, CSA, etc., and prove to be not only safe for the environment but also for humans and appliances as well.

Durable: The frame, engine, and other parts of Ford machines are built of non-corrosive high-grade material to ensure the machines should last at least a decade. Additionally, they have utilized heavy-duty powder-coated Steel frames for the engines to keep them weatherproof.

Mobility Kit: Ford generators have non-flat wheels and convenient carrying handles to transport the generators comfortably.

Compact and Light Weight: To make the generators camping friendly Ford has utilized high-grade material with minimum weight to make sure their generator should be super lightweight.

Switch and Go: Switch and Go Technology will allow the user to switch the fuels in an instant.

Longer Runtime: Due to the latest inverter technologies, ECO modes, and super-efficient engines the Ford generators provide decent runtime compared to the others. Though Ford’s newer machines have pretty small fuel tanks, still they have claimed that the end user will get at least 6 hours of runtime at 50% load.

Versatile Control Panel: Most of the Ford generators have a fully functional control panel with extensive outlets, Ports, etc.

Ford 7750W Control Panel

Parallel Ports: Like Champion, Honda, and other inverter machines Ford inverter generators also have parallel ports.

CAUTION: Before making the parallel connection make sure to read the user manual first, improper parallel connections may lead you to a severe problem.

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What Engine Is in a Ford Generator?

Ford machines have single Cylinder, 4-stroke, OHV (overhead Valve), air-cooled engines protected with Heavy-Duty powder-coated steel Frames to ensure they last longer.

Why Choose Ford Generators?

  • More than 100 years of experience in engines and power-related industry
  • Cleaner power with pure sine waves
  • Great customer support
  • Built from durable material
  • Camping friendly
  • Reliable mobility kit
  • Longer runtime
  • Multiple fuel options
  • Decent warranty

Where Can I Buy the Ford Generators?

Ford generators can be purchased both offline and online, for offline purchasing we recommend using their location finder tool, however, for online you can use the below platforms.

Are Ford Generators Made in China?

No, Ford generators are being manufactured by Pulsar at their main facility in Ontario California.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How Much Does a Ford Generator Cost?

Typically a solid Ford machine costs between $300 – $1500 depending on the size and features you are looking for.

How Loud Are Ford Generators?

Like other renowned brands Ford generators have utilized super silent engines with perfect enclosure to keep noise levels as minimal as possible. Their latest inverter machine Ford FG2300iS 2300W emits 60dB from 20ft at a load of 30 – 40%.

How Long Does the Ford Generator Last?

The life span of Ford machines is highly dependent on the maintenance and how carefully you are using them. Typically a solid Ford generator should last at least a decade (Source).

What Type of Oil Does a Ford Generator Use?

Oil types vary from model to model, we recommend reading the user manual and looking for the instructions provided by the manufacturers.

Who Makes Ford Dual Fuel Generator?

Ford dual fuel machines are being manufactured by Pulsar a well-known manufacturer of Generators, air compressors, Power tools, and lawn movers.



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