Who Makes Ryobi Generators? – [Are They Made In Japan?]

This article aims to answer your burning questions about Who makes Ryobi generators?” where are they manufactured and what distinct features are they offering?

Ryobi Tools are the manufacturer of Ryobi generators under the trademark of Ryobi Limited (Source). TTI (Techtronic Industries) is the parent company behind Ryobi Tools. The company has various manufacturing units in China, United States Vietnam, Mexico, Germany, etc.

Who Makes Ryobi Generators?


Founded InDecember 16, 1943
FounderYutaka Urakami
Current CEOAkira Urakami
Parent CompanyTechtronic Industries
Address100 Innovation Way, Anderson, South Carolina, 29621, United States
Employees<25 employees
Contact No+1-800-525-2579
Contact Pagehttps://www.ryobitools.com/support/contact
Official Websiteswww.ryobitools.com
Main IndustryGenerators, Batteries, Power Tools, Lawn-care Tools, Automotive, etc.

Who Makes Ryobi Generators? – [Brief History]

Ryobi Limited is a Japanese company founded by Yutaka Urakami on December 16, 1943. Mr. Yutaka Urakami started from his home town Fuchu, Hiroshima with a normal production unit.

Shortly after the foundation of the company Ryobi began selling die-cast products. Later in 1961, Ryobi began offset printing presses and finally in 1964 they start the production of power tools.

Currently, Ryobi Tools is a leading manufacturer of power tools, automobile components, printing equipment, electronics, etc.

The parent company behind Ryobi Power is Techtronic Industries operated under the license from Ryobi Limited.

Detailed History of Ryobi

Are Ryobi Generators Any Good?

Ryobi is among the largest power tool manufacturers with millions of satisfied customers across the globe. Ryobi has a crew of talented engineers that pays close attention to inventing tools that not only satisfy the end users’ needs but also last longer and can be purchased within affordable price tags.

With more than 50 years of experience in the power industry, Ryobi has built an enviable reputation in the market.

Distinct Features of Ryobi Generators:

Pure Sine Waves: Ryobi has utilized super sensitive AVRs, inverter technologies, and stable engines to provide cleaner power with less than <5% of THD (total harmonic distortion).

As per our tests, their latest inverter machine Ryobi 2300-watt Bluetooth provides <3% of THD and proves to be super safe for voltage-sensitive appliances like UPS, mobile phones, laptops, etc.

Integrated Bluetooth with GenControl App: Integrated Bluetooth connectivity and GenControl app allows the user to monitor the power consumption, fuel levels, remaining runtime, etc. from the mobile phones.

Automatic CO Shutoff: Like Northstar (Where Are Northstar generators made?), Champion, and other premium brands Ryobi has utilized the super sensitive CO sensor to make sure the generator should shut off once the concentration of CO (carbon monoxide) reaches dangerous levels.

Silent Operation: Because of the super silent engines, Perfect enclosures, and the latest inverter technologies, Ryobi machines are proven to be neighboring friendly. Their inverter machines emit 60 – 64dB from 25ft at 50% load.

Parallel Kit Capable: Ryobi inverter machines are parallel-supported; you can combine two machines of the same frequencies to double the power.

Make sure to read the user manual before making the parallel connection, an incompatible parallel connection may cause severe damage.

Camping and Travelling Friendly: Ryobi not only have utilized high-grade lightweight material for their latest machines but also pay close attention to size and mobility kits.

Their latest Ryobi 2300-watt inverter generator weighs only 52 lbs and has a super convenient extended handle and rear wheels to move around comfortably.

Longer Runtime: Because of the Auto-Idle, inverter technology, and efficient engines, Ryobi generators are well known for their longer runtime.

LCD Display: LCD is also infused to monitor the runtime, load, fuel, etc. right from there.

Extensive Control Panel: Unlike other brands Ryobi generators have multiple outlets, USB ports, Reset buttons, etc. to ensure the user should have various options to attach anything.

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What Brand Owns Ryobi Power Tools?

TTI (Techtronic Industries Company Limited) owns the Ryobi power tools under the license of Ryobi Limited.

Where Is Ryobi Headquarters?

The main headquarter of Ryobi is in Fuchu-shi, Hiroshima- Japan; however, if you want to explore the all headquarters of Ryobi make sure to visit the link.

What Kind of Engine Is in Ryobi Generator?

Most of the Ryobi latest inverter and open frame generators are equipped with OHV (overhead valve) 4-Cycle engines; however, some of them also have professional-grade Honda GX390 engines (Source).

Where Is Ryobi Originally From?

Ryobi is originally from Hiroshima, Japan founded by Mr. Yutaka Urakami on December 16, 1943.

Where Can I Buy Ryobi Generators?

Like other premium brands, Ryobi offers both offline and online purchasing, for offline purchasing you have to do some research to find out an authorized dealer, the Ryobi location finder tool would be your helping hand for finding a legit dealer.

For online purchasing, you can use the below platforms.

How Long Do Ryobi Generators Last?

The runtime of a generator is solely dependent on the fuel tank size and how much load you are pulling. Typically the Latest inverter machines of Ryobi provide 9 – 10 hours of runtime at a load of 40 – 50%.

How Loud Is a Ryobi Generator?

Most of the Ryobi machines emit about 60 – 66dB depending on the size of the machine and how much load you are pulling. Additionally, inverter machines are quieter compared to open-frame generators.

What Type of Oil Does the Ryobi Generator Use?

Oil type is highly dependent on the season and the type of generator you own, we recommend reading the user manual and following the instructions provided by the Ryobi manufacturers.

Why Does My Ryobi Generator Keep Dying?

Improper maintenance, contaminated fuel, clogged air filters, and carburetor are the main reasons behind dying your generator, however below is the list of potential causes that should hurt your machines in the longer run.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is Ryobi a UK Company?

No, Ryobi is a Japanese company.

How Many Products Does Ryobi Have?

Ryobi currently has 280 innovative problem-solving high-quality products (Source).

Are Ryobi Tools Made in Vietnam?

Yes, Ryobi has a manufacturing unit in Vietnam.

Can a Ryobi Generator Get Wet?

Yes, like other machines Ryobi generators are also water sensitive, make sure to keep your machine under the shelter on rainy days.

How Long Is Ryobi Warranty?

Like premium brands, Ryobi provides 3 years of limited warranty backed by instant customer support.

Do Ryobi Generators Have AVR?

Yes, like other premium machines, Ryobi generators have super stable AVRs to ensure the appliances should eat clean power with minimum THD levels.

What Petrol Does Ryobi Generator Use?

For preferred fuel we recommend skimming the user manual first, however, most of the Ryobi machines don’t need high-octane fuel unleaded Gasoline would be enough.



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