Where Are Powerhorse Generators Made?-[Who Makes Them?]

This article is all about answering your quarries about Where are Powerhorse generators made?”, who makes them and are they worth the hype?

Powerhorse generators are designed, engineered, and distributed by Northern Tool + Equipment located in Burnsville, Minnesota – USA. The generators are developed, tested, and engineered in Minnesota; however, the manufacturing process is being handled in China or Vietnam.

Where Are Powerhorse Generators Made?


Powerhorse Owners and ManufacturersNorthern Tool + Equipment Inc.
Where Are They ManufacturedChina and Vietnam
Parent Company Founded In1981
FounderDon Kotula
Current OwnersRyan and Wade Kotula
CEOSuresh Krishna
Address2800 Southcross Drive W, Burnsville, MN 55306
Main HeadquarterBurnsville, Minnesota
Employees1,001-5,000 employees
Contact No1-800-221-1589
Contact Pagehttps://www.northerntool.com/contact-us
Official Websiteshttps://www.northerntool.com/
Main IndustryPortable Generators, Pressure washers, Log Splitters, etc.

Where Are Powerhorse Generators Made? – [Brief History]

Powerhorse is owned and manufactured by a well-known brand called Northern Tool + Equipment Company Inc.

Northern Tool + Equipment is a multi-channel business begun in 1981 by a motivated guy Mr. Don Kotula from a normal garage located in Eagan, Minnesota.

Currently, Northern Tool + Equipment is the epicenter of many branded tools and power equipment like Powerhorse, Northstar, Gravel Gear, Bannon, Ironton, etc.

particularly the Powerhorse brand offers a variety of portable generators ranging from 2500 to 13,000 watts; moreover, they are offering multiple other power tools including pressure washers, log splitters, water pumps, etc.

Who Makes Powerhorse Generators?

Powerhorse generators are designed, engineered, and owned by Northern Tool + Equipment; however, the manufacturing process is being handled in China and Vietnam.

Are Powerhorse Generators Any Good?

Clean Power: Powerhorse generators have super reliable inverter technology with a Protective AVR (automatic voltage regulator) to make sure the voltage-sensitive appliances consume uncontained power. Their latest Powerhorse Inverter Generator with 4500 Surge Watts provides <2% of THDs (total Harmonic distortion).

Parallel-Ready: Powerhorse inverter machines are ready to parallel right out of the box, you just have to purchase a separate parallel kit and couple the machines of 4500 or 2000 watts to get double power.

Before making the parallel connection make sure to read the user manual first, an incompatible configuration may lead to serious damage.

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Engine Smart Control (ESC): ESC senses the required load and adjusts the RPMs accordingly to make sure the fuel consumption and noise levels should be minimal.

Quiet Operation: Powerhorse has utilized the perfect enclosures, super silent engines, and Engine Smart Control (ESC) to make sure the generator should be neighboring-friendly.  Most of their inverter generators emit only 60 – 64dB depending on the load and how far you have placed them.

Longer Runtime: Due to the latest inverter technology, efficient engines, ESC (electric smart control), and larger fuel tanks, the Powerhorse generators tend to last longer compared to the other brands, their latest Powerhorse 7500I is providing 13 – 14hrs of runtime at 25% load.

Durable: Like Northstar (Who makes Northstar Generators?), Honda, and other premium brands, the Powerhorse has utilized 100% copper-wound heads that not only prevent overheating but also provide decent longevity as well. In addition to that they have utilized Cast iron cylinder sleeves for their engines to reduce bore wear drastically.

Safety Sensors: Powerhorse machines are equipped with multiple safety sensors like overload, Low oil alert, etc. to ensure the generator doesn’t wear down unnecessarily.

U.S.D.A. Forest Service Qualified Spark Arrestor: Forest Service Qualified Spark Arrestor is adapted so that a user can safely operate the generator in RV parks, campgrounds, or forests.

Industrial 2-stage Air Cleaner: A 2-stage Air Cleaner not only provides added safety layers but also reduces maintenance by blocking dirt and harmful debris.

Safety Certifications: Powerhorse generators are certified by the CARB and EPA and prove to be super safe for not only the environment but also for humans and appliances as well.

Easy Maintenance: Unlike other brands Powerhorse generators only need minimum maintenance like a cleaned spark plug and air filter, fresh intake of engine oil, and a bit of cleaning.

Moreover, they have added a Removable side panel for hassle-free quick oil changes.

Where to Buy Powerhorse Generator?

Like premium brands, Powehorse generators can be purchased both online and offline, for offline purchasing we recommend finding an authorized dealer with the help of nrotherntool’s location finder, however, for online purchasing, we recommend the below stores.

What Engine Is in a Powerhorse Generator?

Powerhorse generators are equipped with super-efficient and durable OHV (overhead valve) 4-stroke engines that not only provide decent runtime with quieter operation but also withstand harsh waters as well.

What Is the Warranty on Powerhorse?

Powerhorse machines are currently sold with 2 years of limited warranty backed by super quick customer support.

How Long Will a Powerhorse Run?

In terms of runtime Powerhorse generators provide at least 9 – 10hrs of runtime with a load of 40 – 50%, however in terms of lifespan Powerhorse machines last about 8 – 10 years (15,000 – 20,000hrs).

NOTE: For better runtime and longevity, make sure to maintain the machine periodically, fresh intake of engine oil, clean filters, and spark plug will ensure the generator’s engine and other parts should be healthy even in harsh weather.

Why Does My Powerhorse Generator Run but No Power?

The following could be the potential reasons your Powerhorse generator is not producing power.

  • Faulty Outlets
  • Loss of Residual Magnetism
  • Defective AVR
  • Tripped Breakers
  • Problems in Connections
  • Worn out Brushes
  • Faulty Breakers

We also have written a detailed guide about Generator Not Producing Power; make sure to have a look if you are facing the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions – [FAQs]

Are Powerhorse and Predator Generators the Same?

No, predator generators are made by Harbor Freight Tools; however, the Powerhorse generators are owned and manufactured by Northern Tools + Equipment.
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How Much Does a Powerhorse Generator Cost?

The prices of the Powerhorse generators vary as per the size, features, and quality of the machine you are going to own. Typically they cost between $500 to $3500.



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