Where Are Northstar Generators Made? – [Are They Reliable?]

This article is about answering your burning questions about “Where Are Northstar Generators Made?” who makes them and are they worth the money?

NorthStar generators are imagined, designed, and manufactured by Northern Tool + Equipment at their main facility located in Burnsville, Minnesota – USA. They currently have 120 retail stores across the 20 states of the USA with millions of satisfied customers.

Where Are Northstar Generators Made?


Founded In1981
FounderDon Kotula
Current OwnersRyan and Wade Kotula
CEOSuresh Krishna
Address2800 Southcross Drive W, Burnsville, MN 55306
Main HeadquarterBurnsville, MN
Employees1,001-5,000 employees
Contact No1-800-221-1589
Contact Pagehttps://www.northerntool.com/contact-us
Official Websiteshttps://www.northerntool.com/
Main IndustryPower Tools and Equipment, Automotive Tools, Construction Tools, Engines, etc

Where Are NorthStar Generators Made? – [A Brief History]

The story of Northern Tool + Equipment begins in 1981 with a well-qualified 35-year-old, Mr. Don Kotula.

Initially, he started the business from an ordinary garage in Eagan, Minnesota, however with constant efforts and dedication toward the tools industry, Northern Tools + Equipment has currently millions of satisfied customers across The USA.

In 1980 Mr. Don Kotula was the top salesman of his family business called Kotula Iron & Metal Don, however, after graduating from the University of Minnesota at Duluth, he decided to launch his own company called Northern Hydraulics from his normal garage.

After the struggle of more than 15 years, northern Hydraulics was officially renamed Northern Tool + Equipment in 1998.  Currently, Northern Tool + Equipment is a multi-channel business with more than 120 retail stores across the 20 states of the USA (List of American-made generators) and three huge distribution facilities.

In addition to that they have thousands of reliable products with millions of satisfied customers across the USA.

Detailed History of Northern Tool + Equipment

Who Makes NorthStar Generators?

NorthStar generators are made by Northern Tool + Equipment.

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Are NorthStar Generators Any Good?

With more than 40 years of experience in power tools, NorthStars machines are well known for their durability.

To maintain the trust they are utilizing powerful Honda engines to make sure the users should get desired longevity, longer runtime, and safer operation with negligible noise levels.

Main Features of NorthStarGenerators:

Honda Reliability: NorthStar machines are equipped with premium top-of-the-line Honda engines that not only provide desired longevity but also smoother operation, longer runtime, and Higher Outputs with minimum noise levels.

Uncontained Power/Clean Power: NorthStar generators are well known for their pure sine wave with the lowest possible THDs (<5%), because of the Honda engines the North Star machines provide super clean power that will not even harm ultra-sensitive appliances like UPS, Mobile phones, laptops, etc.

Digital CDI ignition: CDI offers quick and smooth startup with high-power output even in the coldest weather.

V‐mount Vibration Isolation System: V‐mount Vibration Isolation System is adopted to provide a solid foundation/grip to extend the life of the machines. Excessive vibration is the only cause of metal fatigue, quick wearing down, and parts failure.

More Outlets: Unlike other machines North Star generators have multiple outlets (20, 30 amps), USB ports, volt meters, etc. Their North Star Portable Generator with Honda GX390 Engine consists of 10 outlets.

NorthStar Portable Generator with Honda GX390 Engine

Low oil shutdown: Low oil shutoff sensor makes sure the generator should be off once the engine oil reaches the minimum levels. This will ensure the engine shouldn’t be ceased.

Solid Base: North Star generators are equipped with a solid base to block the dirt and debris entering the engine, filter, alternator, etc.

Option to Add Mobility Kit: You can configure the mobility kit to move around the North Star machines more conveniently.

Impressive Durability: North Star has not only utilized the Premium grade 100% copper windings but also built the entire fame and components from non-corrosive weatherproof material to keep the generator in decent condition even in harsh weather. Due to the pure copper windings the North Star machines overheat hardly unless you have overloaded the machine.

Longer Runtime: North Star has utilized the higher grade super-efficient Honda engines to provide longer runtime to their end users. My Brother’s North Star Portable Generator with Honda GX390 provides 9.5 – 10 hours of runtime at 50% load.

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Where Can I Buy NorthStar Generators?

NorthStar generators can be purchased both online and offline, however for offline purchasing you may have to do some research to find an authorized dealer, we recommend using their store finder tool.

For online purchasing, we recommend the below stores.

Do NorthStar Generators Come With Honda Engines?

Yes, most of the North Star generators are equipped with premium-grade Honda engines that not only last longer but also provide decent runtime with minimum noise pollution.

What Kind of Engine Oil Should I Use for NorthStar Generators?

Engine oil varies from product to product we highly recommend reading the user manual.

How Long Does NorthStar Generator Last?

Lasting In terms of Runtime: Most of the North Star machines provide at least 9hrs of runtime at 40 – 50% load, however, if your machine is poorly maintained you may have to get a bit less.

Lasting In terms of Lifespan: The lifespan of a generator is highly dependent on the maintenance and how carefully you are using it, however, North Star generators are proven to be super durable with 10 – 15 years (2000 – 3000hr) of lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions – [FAQs]

Are NorthStar Generators Made in the USA?

Yes, North Star generators are being manufactured at the Northern Tools + Equipment’s main facility located in Burnsville, Minnesota – USA

Who Owns North Star?

North Star Tools + Equipment is now an independent company owned by Ryan and Wade Kotula 

What Is the Origin of North Star?

In 1981 Don Kotula launched the Northern tools + equipment from his normal garage in Eagan, Minnesota. Previously the company was known as Northern Hydraulics and used to sell log splitters only.

How Old Is the North Star?

North Star was founded by Don Kotula in 1981



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