Where Are DuroMax Generators Made? – [Uncovering the Mystery]

This article is all about answering your queries about “Where are DuroMax generators made?”, are they worth the money and what are their distinct features?

DuroMax generators are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Ontario, California. From the frame to the engine, every component of the generator is manufactured at its main headquarter situated in the USA.

Where Are DuroMax Generators Made?


Vice President & CEOMr. David Raskin
Founded In2003
Contact[email protected]
Service Centar Locator Toolhttps://www.duromaxpower.com/apps/service-centers
Phone No1 844-387-6629
Location5800 Ontario Mills Pkwy, Ontario, California 91764, US
No of Employs51-200 employees
HeadquarterOntario, California
Made InUSA
ProductsGenerators, Pressure Washers, Engines, Pumps, and other power accessories.

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Where Are DuroMax Generators Made? – Brief History

DuroMax Power Equipment was founded in 2003. The story begins with a small production plant in Ontario, California with a few employees, however, with constant efforts and dedication toward the power industry, DuroMax is now a leading brand with a range of portable generators, water pumps, pressure washers, etc.

Currently, Mr. David Raskin is the vice president and CEO of DuroMax, he aims to explore new dimensions of the power industry by improving R&D and adding newer models with multiple fuel options as well. In addition to that they have improved the longevity by using copper windings (source).

How Long Have DuroMax Generators Been Around?

DuroMax generators have been on the market for approximately 23 years.

Who is the Owner of DuroMax?

Mr. David Raskin is the current CEO of DuroMax Generator.

What Engine Is Used in DuroMax Generators?

DuroMax Engines

Most of the DuroMax generator comes with OHV (overhead Valve) Forced air cool engines of different cubic centimeters (CC) as per the size of the generator.

OHV-forced air cool engines will not only provide better efficiency but also emit less noise compared to the competitors.

Are DuroMax Generators Any Good?

With more than 20 years of experience, DuroMax generators are proven to be super reliable and cost-efficient with a durable frame and engine that can last for decades.

Also, their machines are super safe and environmentally friendly with a pretty straightforward user interface and maintenance procedure as well.

Main Features of DuroMax Generators:

Cleaner Power: The purpose of DuroMax is to deliver cleaner power with minimum THD levels (<3%).

Dual or Tri Fuel Option: DuroMax generators are well known for their multiple fuel options; hence you will always option ”B (Propane)” or “C(Natural gas)” if you run out of gasoline.

Safer and Environmentally Friendly: With CARB and EPA certifications, DuroMax generators are not only proven to be safer for the environment but also for humans and appliances with lower THD levels and CO sensors as well.

Decent Durability: DuroMax generators are proven to be long-lasting with extremely durable engines and frames.

As per the statement of Mr. David Raskin (CEO) they aren’t outsourcing anything from China and other countries, the whole manufacturing process is being handled at their main faculty in the USA.

Additionally, they are using 100% copper winding and high-grade metals to make sure that the generator will last longer than their competitors.

Multiple Outlets: DuroMax offers 120V and 240V outlets with 20A, 30A, or 50A as per the size of the generator.

CO (Carbon monoxide) Auto Shut OFF: Newer DX and HX models of DuroMax are equipped with a Carbon monoxide sensor, as the concentration of CO reaches dangerous levels the generators shut Off automatically.

Easier Maintenance: Most of the DuroMax machines are pretty easy to maintain, all you have to change the oil, clean the air filter, spark plug, etc. Unlike others DuroMax hardly requires tune-ups and other tough maintenance tasks.

Multiple Startup options with a wireless startup as well: Most of the DuroMax generator offers recoil and push start, however, some special ones also have the option to start with a remote control as well.

Versatile Options: DuroMax constantly releases newer models with modern features and improved efficiency within an affordable budget as well.

Currently, they have a variety of portable inverter/non-inverter generators within the range of 2000 – 15000 watts; also they have options like single, dual, or tri-fuel as well.

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Are Durostar and DuroMax the Same Company?

Yes, both DuroMax and DuroStar are made by DuroPower.

Where Are Durostar Generators Made?

Durostar is known as a sister company of DuroMax, moreover, Both DuroMax and Durostar generators are manufactured at their main Power plant “Duropower” situated in Ontario; USA.

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Where Can I Get Parts for My DuroMax or Durostar Generator?

DuroMax customer support, service centers, Amazon, and other online platforms will be a helping hand for you if you need a part that is not available in the market. You can also use their service center locator tool as well.

How Long Do DuroMax Generators Last?

It depends on the fuel tank size, efficiency, and how much load you are pulling, on average a DuroMax generator should provide at least 8 – 9 hours of runtime at 25 – 30% load.

How Often Should You Change Oil in a DuroMax Generator?

Like other generators, DuroMax machines also need the intake of fresh oil right after 80 – 150 hours of runtime.  

Follow our detailed guide about generator oil changing to find the dos and don’ts of the oil changing process.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Use Synthetic Oil in My DuroMax Generator?

We recommend skimming the user manual first and choosing the type of oil as per the recommendation of the manufacturers, however, synthetic oil is preferable one because of the increased longevity compared to the ordinary ones.

Can I Run My DuroMax Generator in the Rain?

It depends, if you have a rainproof enclosure (tent, Shed, etc.) you can run all of the DuroMax machines safely, however without protection your machine may face a series of serious problems like short circuits, outlet failures, etc.

Are DuroMax Generators Have Pure Sine Waves?

Yes, all of the DuroMax machines are equipped with the latest AVRs to provide pure sine waves with extremely lower THD (total harmonic distortion) levels.

Do DuroMax Generators Need to Be Grounded?

Yes like other generators, grounding the DuroMax machines are pretty important for safety reasons.

Are DuroMax Generators Made in China?

No, DuroMax generators are imagined and manufactured in California, USA,

Will a DuroMax 13,000 Watt Generator Run a House?

It depends on the wattage requirements; however, a 13kw machine is more than enough to even run a central air conditioner, welder, electric water heater, etc.

Note: You can’t run all of the power-hungry appliances or tools simultaneously.



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