Where Are Champion Generators Made?– [Revealing the Truth]

This article aims to answer your queries about “where are champion generators made?” what are their main features and whether they are made in China or not?

Champion generators are imagined, designed, and engineered in Milwaukee and Wisconsin, USA, however, the further manufacturing procedure is handled in Zhejiang, China.

The original headquarter of champion power equipment was in California but during the expansion of the brand, they decided to open multiple facilities in Jackson Tennessee, Milwaukee Wisconsin, and Toronto Canada.

Where Are Champion Generators Made?


Founded in2003
FounderMr. Dennis Trine
Current CEOMr. Dennis Trine
CEO Contacthttps://www.linkedin.com/in/dennistrine/
Current employees30
Oldest HeadquarterSanta Fe Springs, California
Primary Location12039 Smith Ave, Santa Fe Springs, California, 90670, United States
Contact(877) 338-0999
ProductsPortable Generators, Standby Generators, Snowblowers, Pressure washers, Chipper Shredders, Gardening Tools, Cultivators & Tillers, Water pumps, Winches & Hoists, Log splitters, Power Accessories, etc.

Where Are Champion Generators Made? – Brief History

Champion Power Equipment is founded by Mr. Dennis Trine in 2003 with a bunch of employees and a normal headquarter in California USA. Since then there is no stone in the path of a champion to become a leading brand in the power industry.

Later in 2005 when they get a bit of traction Mr. Dennis Trine decided to expand the business to North America, mainly in Jackson Tennessee, Milwaukee Wisconsin, and Toronto Canada, and other cities.

In addition to that, Mr. Dennis Trine also expands his team by hiring 42 experienced employees and decided to start a manufacturing unit in Zhejiang, China.

As per the current statement of champion power equipment, they have sold about 4.5 million generators in America only and the number increases drastically as they are constantly releasing newer models with modern features, efficient engines, compact sizes, and impressive longevities.

Moreover, they are working on other products like log splitters, pressure washers, water pumps, lawnmowers, power stations, etc.

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Who owns Champion Power Equipment?

The founder Mr. Dennis Trine is the current CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Champion power equipment.

Who Makes Champion Generators?

Champion generators are made by champion power equipment in their huge facility available in Milwaukee and Wisconsin

What Kind of Engine Is in a Champion Generator?

Champion mainly uses OHV (overhead valve) engines for their single fuel (Gasoline generators), dual-fuel and tri-fuel generators.

Also, they have adopted the latest technology with the V – Twin engine to get maximum performance, longevity, and efficiency with little maintenance and noise levels.

Does Champion Make Their Own Engines?

Yes, champion power equipment handled the work of designing at their main headquarter situated in Milwaukee and Wisconsin, however, the rest of the engine work will be handled in china.

Are Champion Generators Made in the USA?

Champion is an American-based company, they designed, and engineered the generator at their main headquarter in US, however, the manufacturing process is being handled in Zhejiang, China.

Are Champion Generators Any Good?

Though in 2003 champion was started as an ordinary brand with only a few employees but with the passage of time Champions constantly improve its manufacturing capability by hiring some of the best engineers. 

As per the current news, champion become a leading brand with record sales of 4.5 million generators in the US only.

With constant hard work and dedication toward the power industry, the champion is actively releasing the most affordable portable and standby generators backed by more than 3 years of warranty and decent customer support.

Main Features of Champion Generators

Steady/Uncontaminated Power: Most of the champion generator provides <3% of THD levels, hence your voltage-sensitive appliances will be happy even if you have increased the load to 100%.

Desired Longevity: Since champion has a crew of talented engineers, they constantly do R&D to make sure that the generator could last longer than their competitors. Additionally, they offer exceptional customer support backed by 3 years of warranty.

Safe: With CARB and EPA  certifications, champion power equipment is proven to be safe for not only the appliances but also for humans and the environment as well.

NOTE: Keep children/babies away from the generator.

EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection Technology): The latest EFI technology is capable of lowering fuel consumption by up to 25% as compared to the old carbonator systems with little to no carbon footprints.

Easy Maintenance: Unlike old generators champion generator adopts the latest methods with screwless entry to swift the maintenance task with a few easy steps.

Low oil and CO shutoff Sensor: Champion adopts the industry’s leading low oil and CO (carbon monoxide) sensor for not only securing the generator but also your family as well. As the oil becomes low or the concentration of CO reaches higher levels the generator shuts off automatically.

Volt Guard™: A built-in surge protector that ensures the devices should be safe by preventing overloads.

Silent Engines: Like Honda and Generac generators, champion adopts super silent engines, my champion 4500-watt inverter generator is emitting 61 – 63dB on average from 23ft.

Multiple Outlets: Champion infuses the 120V and 240V outlets with 20A, 30A, or 50A.

Dual or Tri Fuel: Don’t be afraid If you run out of gasoline, you will have the option to attach a propane or natural gas as well.

Remote Start: Remote start will be a gift for a lazy bone, champion includes the latest wireless system that can work even from 80ft.

How Long Will Champion Generator Last?

A non-inverter/inverter generator of champions is providing 7 – 8 hours runtime with a single tank of fuel at 25% load, however, if you increase the load you will have to compromise on the fuel.

Also, inverter generators are proven to last longer compared to non-inverter ones, if you are more concerned about the fuel make sure to shortlist a machine from their inverter generators.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Do Champion Generators Use Honda Engines?

No, champion built their own engine at their facility in china

Are Champion Generator Engines Made in China?

Though the champion is claiming that they are using made-in-USA engines for their portable and standby generator, still more than 80% of recourses have confirmed that champion generators are equipped with made in china engines.

Are Champion Engines Any Good?

Yes, the engines of champion power equipment are pretty sturdy with decent efficiency and runtime, though they are made in china; still from the price point of view champion is delivering more than enough.



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