Honda Vs Westinghouse Generators – Why Honda is Expensive?

Honda Vs Westinghouse Generators“, WHO IS THE WINNER? I have compared Honda EU2200i with iGEN2200 based on noise, power, fuel efficiency, and warranty policy to find that answer.

Honda brings its A-game with exceptional engineering, fuel efficiency, and whisper-quiet operation.

Meanwhile, Westinghouse boasts a legacy of reliability, performance, and affordability. Both brands have earned their stripes and the trust of customers worldwide.

They have been powering up homes, campsites, and job sites for years, providing reliable electricity in times of need or adventure.

For this comparison, I have tested Honda EU2200i against Westinghouse IGEN 2200, and Honda EU3000is against Westinghouse IGEN4500.

Let’s begin:

The main difference between Honda and Westinghouse generators I the price. Honda generators are known for their advanced engineering, fuel efficiency, clean power, and quiet operation. Westinghouse generators, on the other hand, prioritize reliability, performance, and affordability. They offer powerful engines and user-friendly controls.

Honda Vs Westinghouse Generators

Honda Vs Westinghouse Generators – Brand Comparison

The Honda Generator brand was introduced as a division of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. in 1973. Leveraging their expertise in automotive and power equipment manufacturing.

Honda developed a range of portable generators renowned for their exceptional quality and performance.

Over the years, Honda generators have become a trusted choice for individuals and professionals worldwide.

Honda has established itself as a household name. Their generators are famous for their exceptional build quality, fuel efficiency, and quiet operation.

Their commitment to innovation is evident in their advanced inverter technology, which delivers stable and clean power, making it safe for sensitive electronic devices.

Whether you’re powering your RV, organizing an outdoor event, or weathering a power outage, Honda generators are designed to keep you up and running.

The Westinghouse generator brand traces its roots back to the founding of Westinghouse Electric Corporation in 1886 by George Westinghouse.

With a rich history in electrical innovation, Westinghouse ventured into the generator market, offering reliable power solutions.

Westinghouse generators are the formidable contender in this power-packed matchup.

The Westinghouse brand carries a legacy of over a century, embodying a fusion of reliability, performance, and affordability.

These generators are designed with the everyday consumer in mind, providing robust power solutions without breaking the bank.

Westinghouse generators boast powerful engines that deliver ample electricity, ensuring your devices and appliances remain operational.

Equipped with user-friendly controls, their generators are a breeze to operate, catering to both seasoned users and first-time generator owners.

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1. Noise Levels:

Both generators are quiet, to be frank, but still, it is hard to beat Honda. After testing both generators several times with and without eco-mode, the following are the results:

  • Honda EU2200i generates 53 to 53dB from 23 feet away.
  • Westinghouse iGen2200 generates 58dB from 20 feet away.

It is clear that EU2200 has a slight edge over iGen2200 in the noise department. I have used both models and honestly, it is not that big much of a difference, but just for a comparison’s sake:


2. Power Output

Both generators are rated at 1800 running watts and 2200 starting watts but iGen2200 has a slightly bigger fuel tank of 1.2 gallons whereas Honda is equipped with a 0.95-gallon fuel tank.

I conducted a small load test on both models and the following were the results:

  • The Honda EU2200i produced 2190 surge watts and 1778 running watts.
  • Westinghouse was able to produce 2150 surge watts and 1750 running watts.

Despite being a cheaper brand, Westinghouse iGen2200 really steps up in this showdown.


3. Fuel-Efficiency

This one is a tricky part because iGen2200 has 0.25 gallons extra space in the fuel tank than EU2200i’s 0.95.

However, to see which generator has the edge, I conducted a runtime test anyway. The following are the results:

  • Honda EU2200i: 8.2 hours @ 25% load (0.95-gal tank)
  • Westinghouse iGen2200:  12 hours and 10 minutes at 25% on a full tank (non-ethanol fuel).

Despite having a bigger fuel tank, the iGen2200 has a fantastic fuel-efficiency to runtime ratio. Running more than 12 hours is no joke. I have to give this round to Westinghouse.


4. Reliability

Both the Honda EU2200i and Westinghouse iGen2200 are known for their reliability, but Honda has a long-standing reputation for producing durable and dependable generators.

Honda’s generators are renowned for their robust construction, advanced engineering, and consistent performance over time.

While the Westinghouse iGen2200 also offers reliable performance, Honda’s track record for reliability is often considered superior.


5. Durability

Both the Honda EU2200i and Westinghouse iGen2200 generators are designed to be durable and withstand demanding conditions.

Honda is known for its exceptional build quality and longevity, with a reputation for producing generators that can withstand the test of time.

The Honda EU2200i is constructed with robust materials and engineered with precision to ensure durability.

Similarly, the Westinghouse iGen2200 also offers solid construction and reliability, but Honda’s longstanding reputation for durability and longevity often gives EU2200i a bit of edge over Igen2200.


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Honda Vs Westinghouse Generators – Model Comparison

I have taken one generator from the Honda brand, and one from the Westinghouse brand. These two generators are very popular in the portable generator category.

Honda EU2200i Vs Westinghouse iGen2200

SpecificationsHonda EU2200iWestinghouse iGen2200
ImageHonda EU2200iWestinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment 2200
Peak watts22002200
Running watts18001800
EngineOHV, 4-stroke, single cylinder. 121ccOHV, 4-stroke, single cylinder. 79cc
Fuel tank0.95 gal1.2 gal
Noise57 dBA from 23.5 feet away @ 25% load52 dBA from 23 feet away @ 25% load
Runtime8.1 hours @ 25% load12 hours @ 25% loads
Outletsx2 120V AC 15A outlets, a battery charging DC 12V outletx2 120V AC 20A outlets, x1 12V DC outlet with dual USB adapter
StarterManual recoilManual recoil
Weight47.4 lbs.46 lbs.
Dimensions20 x 11.4 x 16.7 inches19.8 x 11.4 x 17.9 inches
Warranty3-year warranty on all generators for both residential and commercial use3-year limited warranty
Parallel connectionYesYes
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are the Main Differences Between Honda and Westinghouse Generators?

The main difference is the price difference, and Honda generators are known for their advanced engineering, fuel efficiency, and quiet operation. On the other hand, Westinghouse generators prioritize reliability, performance, and affordability.

Which Brand Offers Better Fuel Efficiency?

Honda generators are renowned for their fuel efficiency. Models like the Honda EU2200i can provide an impressive runtime of up to 8.1 hours at a 25% load, thanks to their advanced engine technology and optimized design. Westinghouse generators also offer decent fuel efficiency, but Honda has a slight edge in this aspect.

Which Brand Produces Quieter Generators?

Honda generators are known for their whisper-quiet operation. The Honda EU2200i, for example, emits only 57 dBA of noise from 23.5 feet away at a 25% load, making it ideal for camping or quiet environments. While Westinghouse generators also strive for low noise levels, Honda generally leads in terms of quiet operation.

Are Honda Generators More Durable Than Westinghouse Generators?

Honda generators are widely regarded as durable and long-lasting. Honda’s reputation for exceptional build quality, engineering excellence, and consistent performance over time gives it an edge in terms of durability. Westinghouse generators are also designed to be durable and reliable, but Honda’s track record often puts them ahead in this aspect.

Which Brand Offers Better Warranty Coverage?

Both Honda and Westinghouse provide warranty coverage for their generators. Honda offers a 3-year warranty on all their generators for both residential and commercial use, providing peace of mind to their customers. Westinghouse also offers a 3-year limited warranty on their generators, ensuring support and protection against manufacturing defects.

Can I Parallel Connect Honda and Westinghouse Generators?

Both Honda and Westinghouse offer parallel connection capabilities. This feature allows you to link two compatible generators together, doubling the power output for your needs. It’s important to consult the respective brand’s guidelines and use parallel connection kits specifically designed for their generators.

Which Brand Offers More Affordable Options?

Westinghouse generators are generally known for their affordability without compromising performance. They offer a range of models that cater to budget-conscious consumers. While Honda generators tend to be priced slightly higher due to their reputation and advanced technology, they still provide excellent value for their quality and features.



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