Champion Vs Honda Generators – Accurate Comparison

I have compared “Champion Vs Honda Generators” by comparing the noise, durability, reliability, efficiency, and power output of some of the top models of the respective brands.

Champion and Honda are two of the most prolific generator makers in the business. They are not only popular for large industry-level standby generators, but they are also known for their portable inverter generators for camping and homes.

Both are almost identical in terms of performance based on noise, portability, fuel efficiency, and reliability. The only difference I can think of is the price and durability.

Champion Vs Honda Generators

Champion Vs Honda Generators – Main Differences

The only main difference I can think of is the price difference. Champion generators are less expensive than Honda generators, but Honda generators are more durable and fuel-efficient. Honda generators are also known for their quiet operation. The choice between Champion and Honda generators depends on budget and specific power needs.

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Brand Comparison:

When it comes to generators, two brands that are often compared are Champion and Honda. While both brands offer quality products, there are some key differences to consider.

First, let’s talk about price. Champion generators are generally less expensive than Honda generators, making them a great option for those on a tighter budget. However, Honda generators are known for their durability and longevity so they may be a better investment in the long run.

Let”s get more into details:

The champion brand was founded by Mr. Dennis Trine in 2003 with a few of his employees.

In a relatively short time, Champion became one of the most popular backup generator manufacturers in the world. Their line of portable inverter generators for camping and travel trailers is being used by many outdoor enthusiasts.

Despite being founded in 2003. Champion has already sold more than 4.5 million generators in North America alone.

Their inverter generator series is very powerful, lightweight, budget-friendly, reliable, futuristic, and fuel-efficient.

The Honda brand on the other hand is an established player in the market. The company was founded in 1973 has in a very short amount of time, Honda became a major generator and engine manufacturing company.

When I was younger, my family used to take camping trips and we relied on an old Honda EG2200X generator from the 90s.

It was a reliable companion that never let us down, and my dad still has it because of the nostalgic memories it brings.

Honda generators are engineered to meet exceptional standards and are designed to last for years to come.

One of their standout features is their lightweight and super quiet inverter generators, which are perfect for various applications.

While Honda generators may come with a higher price tag, the quality, performance, and durability they offer make them a worthwhile investment in the long run.

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Detailed Comparison of Honda vs Champion Generators

1. Noise Levels:

Both brands are known for their quiet generators, but Honda has a very slight edge over Champion for the products in a similar power output range.

Honda’s EU2200i produces 53 to 54dB from 23 feet away while Champion 2000W generates 61 to 62dB from 24 feet away.

61dB is very good but Honda’s EU2000i wins this Battle. Most of Honda’s inverter generators are very quiet.

2. Power Output:

In terms of power, both brands produce similar kinds of generators. If I take 2000W series generators like the Honda EU2000i and Champion 2000 of the respective brand, the power output is almost identical.

I conducted some load tests.

  • The Honda EU2200i produced 2190 peak watts and 1778 running watts.
  • Champion 2000W produces 2050 peak watts and 1770 running watts.

So, as you can see, Honda has a slight advantage but nothing significant. There is no winner here.

3. Fuel-Efficiency:

I conducted a little fuel-efficiency test on two generators from the respective brands. Here are the results:

  • Honda EU2200i: 8.2 hours @ 25% load (0.95-gal tank)
  • Honda EU3000is: 20 hours @ 25% load (3.4-gal tank)
  • Champion 2000W: 11 hours @ 25% load (1.05-gal tank)
  • Champion 3400W: 7.8 hours @ 25% load on gasoline, 14.5 hours on propane

As you can see there are some fuel-tank size differences, but the performance of both brands is very good. There is no clear winner in this section either.

4. Reliability:

In terms of reliability, I don’t think there is a clear winner. Both brands offer very reliable backup power solutions.

If I must pick one, I will go for Champion because it provides a similar sort of reliability at a significantly lower price.

5. Durability:

Generators are machines that face a lot of wear and tear. They had to be durable to last longer. Honda and Champion generator brands excel in this department.

Honda is known for its high-quality engines that are extremely durable in any environment.

Between the two, people often pick the Honda brand as the answer for durability in the survey.

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Champion Vs Honda Generators – Model Comparison

I have created a very detailed table of the generators from the respective brands. Here is the data.

Honda EU2200i vs Champion 2000W

Specifications  Honda EU2200iChampion 2000W generator
ImageHonda EU2200iChampion Power Equipment 2000
Peak watts22002000
Running watts18001700
EngineOHV, 4-stroke, single cylinder. 121ccOHV, 4-stroke, single cylinder. 79cc
Fuel tank0.95 gal1.06 gal
Noise57 dBA from 23.5 feet away @ 25% load61 dBA from 24 feet away @ 25% load
Runtime8.1 hours @ 25% load11.5 hours @ 25% load
Outletsx2 120V AC 15A outlets, a battery charging DC 12V outletx2 120V AC 20A outlets, x1 12V DC outlet with dual USB adapter
StarterManual recoilManual recoil
Dimensions20 x 11.4 x 16.7 inches20.5 x 16.25 x 18.25 inches
Warranty3-year warranty on all generators for both residential and commercial use3-year limited warranty
Parallel connectionYesYes
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Both the Champion 2000W and Honda EU2200i generators produce 1800 running watts and 2000 surge watts.

The Honda generator has a 121cc engine, while the Champion has a smaller 80cc engine.

However, despite the larger engine, the Honda has a smaller fuel tank of 0.95 gallons, compared to Champion’s 1-gallon fuel tank.

The Honda generator is more fuel-efficient, but the Champion has a longer runtime of up to 11.5 hours at 25% load compared to Honda’s 8.2 hours.

In terms of noise, the Champion generator is slightly louder, generating up to 53 dB from 23 feet away, compared to Honda’s 48 dB.

When it comes to maintenance, both generators are easy to maintain, with Honda requiring combustion chamber cleaning after 300 hours of usage and Champion only needing oil changes every 50 hours of usage.

For outdoor activities, every ounce of weight counts, and the Honda generator is lighter than the Champion, weighing in at 46.5 pounds, compared to Champion’s 48 pounds.

The Champion generator is significantly cheaper than the Honda, so it may be the better option for those on a budget.

However, if you prioritize reduced noise and weight, the Honda EU2200i may still be a better option. Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preference and intended use.

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Honda EU3000is vs Champion 3400W

SpecificationsHonda EU3000isChampion 3400W Generator
ImageHonda Power Equipment EU3000IS 3000WChampion Power Equipment 3400 Watt
Peak watts30003400
Running watts28003100
EngineOHV, 4-stroke, single cylinder. 196ccOHV, 4-stroke, single cylinder. 192cc
Fuel tank3.4 gal1.6 gal
Noise53 to 54dB from 23.5 feet away on ECO mode53dB from 40 feet away on ECO-mode
Runtime20 hours at 25% load7.8 hours at 25% load (gasoline) / 14.5 hours at 25% load (propane)
Outlets12V DC, 20A and 30A 120V AC, 30A Twist lock2 x 120V 20A (5-20R), 1 x 120V 30A (TT-30R), 1 x 12V DC
StarterManual recoil, electricElectric, wireless remote, and manual recoil
Weight130.7lbs.95.7 lbs.
Dimensions25.9 x 17.6 x22 inches25.1 x 17.3 x 18.3 inches
Warranty3-year warranty on all generators for both residential and commercial use3-year limited warranty with free lifetime technical support
Eco modeYesYes
Parallel connectionYesYes
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

The Honda EU3000is and Champion 3400 are both inverter generators that offer quiet, efficient, and reliable power for camping, tailgating, and emergency backup.

The Honda EU3000is has a maximum output of 3000 watts and a continuous output of 2800 watts, which is suitable for powering essential appliances and tools during power outages or camping trips.

The generator is equipped with a powerful and efficient 196cc OHV engine that delivers clean and stable power to sensitive electronics.

It has a large fuel tank of 3.4 gallons that provides up to 20 hours of runtime at 25% load, which is impressive for a generator of its size and power output.

The Champion 3400, on the other hand, offers a slightly higher maximum output of 3400 watts and a continuous output of 3100 watts on gasoline, 3060 watts peak, and 2790 watts continuous on propane.

The generator has a dual-fuel system that allows you to run it on either gasoline or propane, giving you more flexibility and longer runtime.

It is also very fuel-efficient, with a runtime of up to 7.5 hours on gasoline at 25% load and 14.5 hours on propane.

In terms of noise, both generators are very quiet, with the Honda EU3000is producing around 53 to 54dB of noise from 23.5 feet away on ECO mode.

Champion 3400 produces only 53dB from 40 feet away. However, the Honda EU3000is is heavier, weighing 130.7 pounds, while the Champion 3400 is lighter, weighing only 95.7 pounds.

Both generators come with multiple outlets, including 120V AC outlets, 12V DC outlets, and USB ports, making them suitable for powering a variety of appliances and devices.

The Honda EU3000is also has a 30A twist lock outlet for RVs and a 12V DC charging cable, while the Champion 3400 has two 120V 20A outlets and a 120V 30A RV outlet.

In terms of portability, the Champion 3400 has a built-in handle and wheels that make it easy to move around, while the Honda EU3000is is heavier and lacks a wheel kit.

However, the Honda EU3000is is more compact and has a smaller footprint, making it easier to store in tight spaces.

Overall, both the Honda EU3000is and Champion 3400 are excellent inverter generators that offer reliable and efficient power for various applications.

If you prioritize fuel efficiency, dual-fuel capability, and portability, the Champion 3400 is the better option.

But if you want a more powerful and durable solution with a longer runtime and quieter operation, the Honda EU3000is is the way to go.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do Champion Generators Compare to Honda Generators

Champion generators are known for being affordable, reliable, and user-friendly. While Honda generators are also portable and gas-powered, they are generally more expensive than Champion generators.
Honda generators are known for their quiet operation, fuel efficiency, and durability, but they are very expensive.

What Is the Difference Between Champion’s and Honda’s Power Output?

Champion generators come in a range of power outputs, from 1,200 watts to 15,000 watts. Honda generators are available in a similar range of power outputs, from 900 watts to 10,000 watts. However, Honda generators are known for their ability to maintain a steady power output, even under heavy loads, while Champion generators may experience voltage drops or fluctuations.

How Do Champion and Honda Compare in Terms of Fuel Efficiency?

Honda generators are known for their fuel efficiency, with some models offering run times of up to 20 hours on a single tank of gas.
Champion generators are also known for their fuel efficiency, but their run times may be shorter than those of Honda generators.

Which Generator Brand Is More Durable, Champion or Honda

Both Champion and Honda generators are known for their durability and long-lasting performance. Honda generators are generally considered to be more rugged and reliable, with some models featuring all-metal construction and other heavy-duty components.
Champion generators are also built to last, but they may not be quite as rugged as Honda generators.

What Is the Price Difference Between Champion and Honda Generators?

Champion generators are generally more affordable than Honda generators, with prices starting at around $200 for smaller models and ranging up to $3,000 or more for larger, high-powered models. Honda generators are generally more expensive, with prices starting at around $1,000 for smaller models and ranging up to $5,000 or more for larger, high-powered models.



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