I Tested And Reviewed The Champion 2500 Watt Inverter Generator

Whether you’re in need of power during camping, tailgating, or facing unexpected outages, Champion 2500 will be your ideal companion. Its portable design, multiple fuel options, and mind-blowing power capacity will never disappoint you.

This review is based on Noise, load, runtime, and durability tests to ensure that this machine meets the expected standards.

Champion 2500 Watt Inverter Generator Review

Champion 2500 Watt Inverter Generator Review


  • Design 9.5
  • Durability 8.5
  • Ports and Outlets: 8.1



The packaging was pretty protective; we didn’t find any crack or scratch on the casing. The box includes a funnel, propane hose, engine oil, and a user manual.

Design and Build Quality [Ratings: 9.1]:

Champion 2500 is a perfect blend of sturdy plastic, copper windings, and a super portable design. Like its little brother (champion 2000 watts), this machine also has a briefcase-styled handle and a super compact design that can be adjusted even in a congested compartment.

The front consists of an extensive control panel, however, the back has a spark arrestor to resist the burning debris. A smooth recoil startup is added to the right side and the left has a toolless entry for super quick maintenance.

Portability and Maneuverability: [Ratings: 9.5]:

I was pretty impressed with the compactness of this machine, it only weighs 39 lbs with a convenient briefcase-styled handle to roam it around without even breaking a sweat. I compared the dimension and weight of this with its little brother champion 2000 watts and the results are here.

ParameterChampion 2000 wattsChampion 2500 watts
Weight39 lb.39 lb.

Both machines have the same dimensions and weight.

Load or Capacity Test: [Ratings: 8.5]:

Champion 2500 watt is equipped with a powerful 79cc Champion engine that can generate 2500 peak and 1850 running watts on gasoline, however on LPG (propane) you will get 1800 peak and 1440 rated watts. Moreover, I have tested its voltage waves with an oscilloscope and it was providing <3% of THD levels meaning your voltage-sensitive appliances will be safe.

Below are some of the tests we have conducted to explore the limits.

Load test on gasoline: We connect a space heater of 1000 watts and a microwave of 850 watts and surprisingly champion 2500 runs them smoothly without even blinking the load light.

The voltage on ECO Mode was also the same, its inverter technology works seamlessly; for longer runtime, I recommend keeping the ECO “ON” with a normal load.

load test of champion 2500 watts on gasoline
Load test of champion 2500 watts on gasoline

Load test on LPG: For the propane load test, we connect a space heater of 1000 watts and 650 watts vacuum.

load test of champion 2500 watts on propane
Load test of champion 2500 watts on propane

What Can I Run With Champion 2500 Watts Inverter Generator?

ApplianceStarting/Surge WattsRunning/Rated Watts
Jumbo Sized Refrigerator/Freezer2200700
Electric Grill 1.6 KW01600
Air Compressor (0.25 HP)1600950
Coffee Maker01000
Microwave Oven0600
Food Processor0400
All of the lights, TVs, etc. 1500 watts01500

For more power, we recommend checking out the Champion 4500 watts portable inverter generator.

Runtime Test: [Ratings: 9.2]:

Champion has utilized super-efficient inverter technology with ECO mode to ensure longer runtime with stable power, though the machine has a smaller gasoline tank of 1.1 gallons, it still performed more than I expected.

Below are the results of our runtime tests.

Gasoline Test: The machine lasted for 10.5 – 11 hours at 25% load which is slightly less than the manufactures claim (11.5 hours).

Propane Test: I connected my BBQ LPG tank of 20-lb and fired up this guy for around 13 hours at 50 – 60% load and I was surprised to find that the propane level was still pretty high, in my cylinder (almost 1/4 Remaining).

The bottom line is this machine can provide 32 – 34 hours on a 25% load.

Noise Test: [Ratings: 9.0]:

At idle with ECO mode “ON”, we got 53 – 54 dB (A) from 25 ft. on gasoline, however with propane we got a bit higher decibels, I plugged some of the power-hungry appliances and pushed the generator to 96-97% load, surprisingly it was emitting 67 – 68 dB (A) from 25ft. at full capacity.

Parallel Ready: [Ratings: 9.0]:

Besides decent capacity with the gasoline and LPG, this machine also has parallel ports to double the power by combining it with a compatible unit.

The process is also pretty straightforward; you just need a parallel kit and a compatible machine. For stable performance, we recommend connecting two of the same machines.

Ports, Outlets and Indicating Sensors: [Ratings: 8.5]:

  • Two 120V, 20A outlets.
  • 12V automotive-style outlet (not available in dual fuel variant)
  • 5V, 2.1 A USB Type-A (available in dual fuel variant)
  • Parallel ports
  • Circuit breakers
  • Propane inlet.
  • Ground terminal.
  • Indicator lights (overload, low fuel, economy mode).

Maintenance and Usage: [Ratings: 9.2]:

The installation process is pretty straightforward, you just need to pour the gasoline or connect an LPG tank to fire it up.

Additionally, it offers tool-less entry with super clean wirings and component arrangement to ensure the maintenance task will be hassle-free.

Warranty and Customer Support: [Ratings: 9.2]:

Like other premium machines, the Champion 2500 also comes with 3 years of limited warranty backed by instant customer support.


  • Starting watts on gasoline: 2500
  • Running watts on gasoline: 1850
  • Starting watts on LPG: 2500
  • Running watts on LPG: 1665
  • THD is <3%
  • Parallel ready
  • Fuel type: Dual Fuel
  • Engine cc: 79
  • Fuel Tank Size: 1.1 gal fuel tank
  • Runtime Gasoline: 11 hours at 25% load.
  • Runtime LPG: 34 hours on 20-lb LPG tank at 25% load
  • Average Noise: 61 – 65 dB (A) Depending on the load
  • Weight: 39-lb
  • Dimensions: 17.3”x12”x17.7”
  • Decent Efficiency on Both Gasoline and LPG
  • Easy to roam around
  • Extensive control panel
  • Stable voltages
  • Dual Fuel
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • No electric start

Champion 2500 Watt Vs. Champion 2000 Watt

Champion 2500 watts portable inverter generator is the bigger version of the champion 2000 watts with almost the same weight, dimensions, and features, you will only have a few hundred more watts to run some of the power-hungry appliances.

Check out the detailed comparisons table below.

ParametersChampion 2500 WattsChampion 2000 WattsDifference
Peak Watts on Gasoline25002000500
Rated Watts on Gasoline18501700150
Peak Watts on LPG25001800700
Rated Watts on LPG16651440225
Fuel Tank Size1.1 gal.1.1 gal.None
THD (total harmonic distortion)<3%<3%None
Engine CC79cc OHV 4-stroke79cc OHV 4-strokeNone

Why and When Should I Buy Champion 2500 Inverter Generator?

If you are searching for an extremely portable generator capable of powering all camping or tailgating essentials, champion 2500 watts is an ideal candidate. Besides exceptional portability, this machine also provides longer runtime, multiple fuel options, and an extensive control panel.


ParametersChampion 2500-watt portable inverter generatorPowerSmart 2500W Portable Inverter GeneratorBILT HARD Generator 2500 WattGenerac 8250 GP2500i 2,500-Watt
Fuel OptionsDual fuelGasolineGasolineGasoline
Runtime at 25% load11 hours11.5 hours13 hours9+ hours
Starting watts25002500 2500 2500
Running watts1850190020002200
CO sensorYes (the single fuel variant doesn’t have a CO shield)NONONO
Noise levels at 25% load from 24 ft. 61 – 65 (A)56 dB (A)65 dB dB (A)56 – 60 dB (A)
THD (total harmonic distortion)<3%<3%<3%<3%
Dimensions17.3″x11.5″x17.7″19.1″x13.4″x20.1″‎19.7″Lx11.4″x 17.7″9.84″x4.33″x8.27″
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will a Champion 2500-Watt Generator Run?

It depends on the type of fuel and how much load you are pulling, on average this machine could last for about 10-11 hours at 25% load on gasoline.

Will a 2500 Watt Generator Run a Refrigerator?

Yes, a normal or even jumbo fridge/refrigerator with less than 1800 rated watts will not be a problem for this machine.

Do Champion Generators Need a Break-In?

Yes, a brand new machine of any brand should be break-in before pulling the loads. The breaking process will not only ensure a smooth runup but also enhance the longevity.

How Much Oil Does a Champion 2500 Generator Take?

Champion 2500 watts holds 0.5 qt. of engine oil, I recommend keeping the bottle of engine oil you got with the box and measuring the engine oil with that.

How Long Will a Champion 2500 Run on Propane?

It depends on the load, however, at 1/4 load you will easily get 30+ hours on a 20-lb LPG tank.



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