What Size Generator for 50 Amp RV? A Comprehensive Guide

What Size Generator for 50 Amp RV? Our guide can help you calculate the right size to ensure your RV has enough power for all your appliances.

A 50-amp RV requires a powerful and reliable generator to ensure that all your electrical needs are met while on the road.

However, choosing the right size generator can be a daunting task, as there are various factors to consider.

Being an RV user myself, I have observed the lack of 50-amp service in most RV parks. Those in the rural areas are the worst of them all. I had to run my 50amp generator to power my appliances in the RV if the solar is out.

So, in this article, I will be as technical and detailed as possible and provide you with all the necessary answers and tips on this topic so that you would choose the right 50-amp generator.

What Size Generator for 50 Amp RV?

What Size Generator for 50 Amp RV – A Detailed Answer

For an average consumer who wants to run appliances like a refrigerator, a microwave, lights, a coffee machine, and chargers, we recommend getting a 3000W-4000W generator. However, if you want to run central AC, electric water heater, and other power-hungry appliances, you will need a 6500W to 8000W generator.

This will help you select a generator with adequate wattage to meet your needs. You can also read this research about 120 VAC electrical distribution on trucks that includes RVs to increase your knowledge on the subject.

Additionally, keep the following things in mind.

1. Power Requirements:  

The first step in choosing the right generator size is to determine your RV’s power requirements.

 As a rule of thumb, a 50-amp RV requires at least 12,000 watts of power to run all its appliances and equipment, including air conditioning, water heater, fridge, microwave, and other high-wattage devices.

2. Calculate Load:

Once you know your RV’s power requirements, you can calculate the actual load that your appliances and equipment will put on the generator.

You can do this by adding up the running watts of each appliance and equipment you plan to use simultaneously, then adding the highest starting wattage among them.

This will give you an estimate of the total wattage you need for your RV.

3. Generator Capacity:

Based on your power requirements and estimated load, you can select a generator with an appropriate capacity. For a 50-amp RV, you’ll typically need a generator with a capacity of at least 12,000 watts, though a higher wattage may be required for larger or more power-hungry RVs.

Since you are going to run a mini or standard fridge in your RV, check this guide about what size generator is required to run a fridge.

4. Fuel Type:

Generators can run on gasoline, propane, or diesel fuel. Gasoline is the most common and readily available fuel, but propane is more efficient and cleaner burning, while diesel generators are more fuel-efficient and provide greater longevity.

5. Noise Level:

Some generators can be noisy and disruptive, especially in quiet camping environments.

Look for generators with noise levels around 60 decibels or lower, which is about as loud as a normal conversation. For a big 50amp generator, the noise can sometimes reach close to 70dB which is also fine.

6. Budget:

Generators come in a range of prices, and the cost can vary depending on the size, fuel type, and features.

Determine your budget before shopping and choose a generator that meets your needs while staying within your budget.

Now let me give my suggestion for 50-amp generators, and inverter generators for RVs.

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What is a 50 Amp Service?

A 50-amp service is a type of electrical service commonly found in modern RVs and motorhomes.

This type of service is designed to deliver up to 50 amps of electrical power to the RV’s electrical system, which can support a wide range of appliances and equipment.

A typical 50-amp service consists of two 50-amp circuits that are wired to a 240-volt power source. Each of these circuits includes a hot wire, a neutral wire, and a ground wire.

The hot wires are responsible for delivering the electrical current to the RV’s electrical system, while the neutral and ground wires help to ensure safety and prevent electrical shocks.

let’s give you an example:

suppose your 50-amp outlet can draw 12000W of power which is sufficient for a medium to large size RV. a 50-amp outlet consists of dual hot wires 120V. The formula to calculate wattage is:


You will have:

50 x 120V = 6000 WATT

6000W from each hot wire. However, from both hot wires, you can draw 12000W. It is technically written as 120/240V.

While we are on the subject, check out what a 12000W generator can run.

What Can a 50amp Generator Run?

AppliancePeak WattsRunning Watts
Standard Fridge1200200
Electric Tankless Water Heater70007000
Microwave Oven10001000
Refrigerator or Freezer7002200
Coffee Maker600600
10,000 BTU AC Unit44003000
24,000 BTU AC Unit87503800
Incandescent Lights300300


  • Starting watts or peak watts are extra power consumption required for a motor-driven appliance to overcome inertia to start. Running watts or rated watts are power consumption appliances required to run constantly.
  • Purchase a generator with 15 to 20% extra capacity.

50 Amp Generators for RVs

NameWeightDimensionsStarting WattsRunning WattsNoise LevelOutlets
Generac 5734 GP15000E390 lbs.48.5 x 31 x 39.5 inches225001500078 dB(2) 120V 20A GFCI Duplex Outlets, (1) 120/240V 30A Twist-Lock Outlet, (1) 120/240V 50A Heavy Duty Outlet, (1) 12V DC Outlet
DuroMax XP12000EH269 lbs.30 x 29 x 26 inches12000950072 dB(2) 120V 20A GFCI Outlets, (1) 120V 30A Twist-Lock Outlet, (1) 120/240V 30A Twist-Lock Outlet, (1) 120/240V 50A Heavy Duty Outlet
Briggs & Stratton 30545 P300085 lbs.24.5 x 17.6 x 18.25 inches3000260058 dB(1) 120V 30A RV Outlet, (1) 12V DC Outlet, (2) USB Ports
Westinghouse WGen7500DF220 lbs.27.2 x 26.1 x 26 inches9375750073 dB(4) 120V AC Outlets, (1) 120/240V Outlet, (1) 120/240V 30A Outlet, (1) RV Outlet, (2) USB Ports
Champion Power Equipment 100294192.5 lbs.27.7 x 28.7 x 26.4 inches9375750074 dB(1) 120/240V 30A Locking Outlet, (1) 120/240V 50A RV Outlet, (1) 120V 30A Locking Outlet, (4) 120V 20A GFCI Outlets

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Inverter Generators for RVs

Champion Power 200096129lbs.17.3 x 12 x 17.7 inches2500/185053 – 58dB9.82x 120V 20A
Honda EU2200i46.5lbs.20.98 x 12.24 x 19.72 inches2200/180048 – 57dB9.92x 120V 20A
WEN 56200i 2000W48 lbs.18 x 11 x 18 inches2000/160055 – 58dB9.72x 120V 20A, 1x 12V DC
Westinghouse iGen 4500104lbs.24.5 x 17.5 x 20 inches4500/370052 – 63dB9.72x 120V 20A, 1x 120/240V 30A
Honda Power EU3000i78lbs.24.5 x 14.9 x 19.3 inches3000/280049 – 58dB9.82x 120V 20A, 1x 120V 30A
Champion Power 4500W90lbs.23.2 x 17.7 x 20.1 inches3500/450061 – 63dB9.62x 120V 30A, 1x 120/240V 30A
Generac GP3000i59.6lbs.22.2 x 13.3 x 18.4 inches3000/230056 – 58dB9.62x 120V 20A

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Can I Run My 50 Amp RV on a 30 Amp Generator?

It is possible to run a 50amp RV on a 30amp generator with the help of a female to 30amp adapter (Dogbone), but it will hurt your RV and generator.

The RV requires a 50-amp power source to run all of its electrical components, and a 30-amp generator will not provide enough power to run the RV properly.

Attempting to do so could damage your RV’s electrical system or the generator.

50-Amp vs 30-Amp RV Service

Factors50 Amp RV Service30 Amp RV Service
Power Output50 amps30 amps
CompatibilityRequires 50 Amp outlet and cannot use 30 Amp outletCan use 50 Amp outlet with adapter
CostMore expensive to installLess expensive to install
ConvenienceCan power more appliances simultaneously, suitable for high-powered appliancesCan only handle a limited number of appliances simultaneously, not suitable for high-powered appliances
LimitationsConsumes more electricity, higher utility billsLimited power output, cannot handle high-powered appliances
Power DrawCan draw 12000W of maximum powerCan draw a 3600W of maximum power

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What size generator do I need for a 50 Amp RV?

You will need a generator with a minimum power output of 12,000 watts or 50 amps at 240 volts to run a 50-amp RV.

Can a 7000-watt generator run a 50 Amp RV?

It depends on the RV’s power requirements. A 7000-watt generator can provide 29 amps at 240 volts, which may be enough to power some 50 Amp RVs. However, some 50 Amp RVs may require a generator with a higher power output.

Can I run a 50 Amp RV on two 30 Amp generators?

Yes, you can run a 50 Amp RV on two 30 Amp generators by using a special device called a “50 Amp parallel kit.” This kit connects the two 30 Amp generators and combines their power output to create a 50 Amp power supply.

Can a portable generator power a 50 Amp RV?

Yes, a portable generator can power a 50 Amp RV if it has a minimum power output of 12,000 watts or 50 amps at 240 volts. However, it is essential to ensure that the generator is compatible with the RV’s power requirements and that you follow all safety precautions while using it.



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